10 Best Tech Companies to Work With

In spite of all that is going on in the world, best tech companies are still actively hiring and looking to fill essential non-technical and technical roles.

10 Best Tech Companies to Work With

Are you looking to join one of these elite and highly coveted organizations to make a career pivot to technology? Make sure you are considering the top-rated tech companies, first.

Here’s a look at all the tech companies that made way to the top list on websites, which is based on employee feedback regarding their job, work environment, and employer over the last year.

1. HubSpot

Overall ranking: 1

Company rating: 4.6

What it does: Marketing, sales, and service software provider

What employees say: “HubSpot culture is unlike any other I have experienced. Your coworkers are genuinely invested in your success and will extend themselves to ensure you have access to the resources you need.” HubSpot Inbound Success Coach (Cambridge, MA)

2. DocuSign

Overall ranking: 3

Company rating: 4.6

What it does: Maker of e-signature software

What employees say: “They treat their employees fairly, are dedicated to the success of their employees, have great work-life balance, and very responsive management.” DocuSign Sales (Seattle, WA)

3. Ultimate Software

Overall ranking: 8

Company rating: 4.5

What it does: Human resources software provider

What employees say: “The unlimited PTO, amazing benefits and feeling like part of a big family are my favorite parts about Ultimate.” Ultimate Software Social Media Business Analyst (Weston, FL)

4. Google

Overall ranking: 11

Company rating: 4.5

What it does: Maker of the Google search engine, the Android operating system, Gmail, and many other products

What employees say: “Work/life balance, benefits, compensation, autonomy, and the quality of your co-workers are unmatched.” Google Program Manager (Mountain View, CA)

5. Facebook

Overall ranking: 23

Company rating: 4.4

What it does: Social media giant behind Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp, as well as its core app

What employees say: “No day is ever alike and I get to tackle challenging problems surrounded by the best and brightest minds.” Facebook Global Brand Partnerships (San Francisco, CA)

6. LinkedIn

Overall ranking: 12

Company rating: 4.5

What it does: Professional social network owned by Microsoft

What employees say: “Super invested in employee development, great work/life balance, great benefits for working mothers and maternity/paternity leave.” LinkedIn Workplace Manager (New York, NY)

7. Nvidia

Overall ranking: 20

Company rating: 4.4

What it does: Graphics processor company that has recently expanded into autonomous vehicles and other AI-related industries

What employees say: “Amazing culture, great work-life balance, and a strong drive to succeed in every area makes NVIDIA one of the best places I’ve ever worked.” NVIDIA Senior Systems Software Engineer (Santa Clara, CA)

8. MathWorks

Overall ranking: 16

Company rating: 4.5

What it does: Developer of mathematical computing software

What employees say: “They care about training and ensure that everyone is treated well with amazing little benefits from the fruit in the morning to free Wednesday breakfast.” MathWorks Social Media Manager (Natick, MA)

9. Microsoft

Overall ranking: 21

Company rating: 4.4

What it does: Technology company behind Windows, Office, the Azure cloud, and many other products

What employees say: “I love the culture and the people here. We are always learning and have a can-do attitude.” Microsoft Inside Sales (Fargo, ND)

10. SurveyMonkey

Overall ranking: 33

Company rating: 4.4

What it does: Provider of tools for making online surveys

What employees say: “Employees are truly empowered, respected, and supported. Lots of opportunities to learn from smart, engaged people.” SurveyMonkey Product Management (San Mateo, CA)



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