10 Powerful Interview Words to Land You a Job in 2024/2025

Here is a list of powerful interview words to land you a job in 2024/2025. You will also learn about how it should be applied.

10 Powerful Interview Words to Land You a Job in 2024/2025

As career coach Hallie Crawford explains, “in a job interview, hiring managers are alert to certain words and phrases that convey knowledge of the position, confidence, and that a person would be a good fit for the company.”

And without them, they could look you over.

Certain keywords can help you present yourself in a positive light to a prospective employer. They can guide and frame a conversation around vocabulary that is familiar to a job candidate and an interviewer.

10 Powerful Interview Words to Land You a Job in 2024/2025

So what are those words you should always use? Here are what experts say, are powerful words to use.

1. I Can, I Will

Phrases like “I can contribute…” and “I will offer my strengths in this way…” show that you are positive and confident in the gifts and talents you bring to a company.

The word “will” implies conviction and ability. It shows you have thought about the subject and come with intention about your talents and contributions.

Example interview question: Why are you a good fit for this job?

Example answer: “I am a good fit for this job because I can produce results. In my last job, I sold the highest number of customer maintenance plans for three quarters in a row.”

2. I Look Forward to

As soon as they have granted you an interview, you can respond with something like, “I look forward to the chance to discuss what I can bring to your company.”

It is a positive and hopeful language that shows you have confidence in your abilities. Then, during your interview, you can use it to explain aspects of the job you would enjoy or explain your working style.

Example interview question: How do you respond to new project assignments?

Example answer: I look forward to the first project planning meeting with a new team. Listening to everyone’s input and ideas helps everyone get to know each other and figure out what roles we will take on.”

3. Respect

After you have become familiar with the company, you can describe to the interviewer specific aspects of the company’s products, practices, diversity or projects that you respect.

Expressing your respect shows you have researched the business and helps you talk about specifics which can lead to a deeper conversation about those topics.

You may also describe mentors or leaders and the qualities about them you respect and try to emulate.

Example interview question: What have you learned from your mentor?

Example answer: “one trait I most respect is her ability to show empathy to everyone she meets. I think it helps people trust her quickly. She can mediate conflict, and people will try her suggestions.”

4. Opportunity

“Opportunity” is a word that both describes the chances they have given you in the past to develop your skills and shows possibility and gratitude. They frequently associated it with a job offer in an interview setting.

You can talk about past opportunities and how you are excited about the prospects of future opportunities.

Example interview question: What are you looking for in a new position?

Example answer: I see this job as an opportunity to increase my exposure to clients. I have been working in the back office at my previous job, and I look forward to improving my customer service skills.”

5. Experience

Though your resume should speak to your job experience, it is often a shortened summary of the many tasks you have accomplished during your career.

When possible, it is good to describe your duties, projects or deliverables in terms of your job experience during an interview, and you can emphasize the time to help someone understand the nuances of your previous work.

Saying “experience” can make you sound knowledgeable and qualified.

Example interview question: How have your previous jobs prepared you for this one?

Example answer: “I have 10 years of experience in sales and marketing, most of it with one company. I worked for many clients during that time and learned how to adapt my work to the needs of each one.”

6. Skills

Similarly to describing your experience, pointing out some of your relevant skills can help an interviewer know you better. Instead of listing many skills, choose one or a few that help recommend you for the position.

For example, instead of saying you have computer skills, you could explain how you are skilled in certain software programs that you might use for the job.

Example interview question: Can you describe some of your soft skills?

Example answer: “I think the most valuable skill I have is time-management. I am diligent in using a calendar and each day I use a journal to record my accomplishments and what I need to complete the next day. It helps me stay organized and on track for deadlines.”

7. Goals

It can be helpful to show how the prospective job helps you meet your professional goals. Describe your goals and how the job can give you skills or experience.

For example, if you have been working at an entry-level job in the hospitality industry and you are seeking a management position, talk about how your experience has helped you plan your goal and why you believe the prospective position helps you achieve that goal.

Example interview question: Can you explain why you changed careers?

Example answer: As soon as I settled on a design major in college, I set a goal that I wanted to design logos for clients and help them develop their brand strategies.

I have been working at our family business to help my dad, but I never forgot my goal. This job will help me get closer to that goal.

8. Flexible

If you can show that you can work with various people in many environments and adapt to changes in projects, deadlines, and scope, you will show how you can be a flexible and positive addition to a team.

You could explain how you adapted to a change in circumstances in the past and what being flexible has taught you about yourself.

Example interview question: Tell me about a challenge or conflict you’ve faced at work, and how you dealt with it.

Example answer: “In my last big project for my previous employer, the client needed to change the scope, which affected many of our task deadlines.

As the project manager, it fell to me to help my team learn to be flexible and avoid frustration. We held frequent meetings.

I gave people a voice to express their concerns, and we all adapted and complete that project to our client’s satisfaction.

9. Mission statement

Once you have read the company’s mission statement, you can mention parts of it that resonated with your personal working philosophy.

Describe any detail from it you find inspirational or that would help you set goals.

Be sure you are sincere and incorporate this discussion naturally. You can ask questions about the evolution of the mission statement to show you care about understanding the company’s core values.

Example interview question: Do you have questions about the company?

Example answer: “When reading your mission statement, I noted the phrasing about serving individuals through education. That’s the part of your company that inspires me most, and I am eager to learn more about how you achieve that goal.”

10. Reliable

Most companies value employees who arrive on time, use company time efficiently to produce quality work and meet deadlines. Demonstrate your reliability with concrete examples from previous jobs or volunteer opportunities.

You may describe your assigned responsibilities on a project or a time when teamwork helped you produce something you are proud of.

You could also describe accountability practices at a previous job and how you met them consistently.

Example interview question: How would your previous manager describe your work ethic?

Example answer: “I earned my last promotion because my employer knew I was reliable, and trusted me to get the projects turned in on time.

One task, in particular, completing a graphic design project—I am very proud of because I showed the client my dependability in meeting the deadline and completing the job in line with their creative specifications.”


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