10 Ways to Improve Your Critical Thinking Ability

Critical thinking is very important. When we talk about critical thinking, we mean Critical the ability to really think about a subject before coming to your own conclusion about it.

10 Ways to Improve Your Critical Thinking Ability

Critical thinking has been the subject of debate and study since the time of early Greek philosophers, like Socrates and Plato.

Why is Critical Thinking Important?

Critical thinking allows you to form better decisions since they’re supported information, rational thinking and reflection.

This is often useful in almost every possible situation. Below we will explain how important critical thinking is:

1. A Key to Career Success

There are many professions where critical thinking is an absolute must.

Lawyers, analysts, accountants, doctors, engineers, reporters, and scientists of all kinds must apply critical thinking frequently.

But it  is a skill set that is becoming increasingly valuable in a growing number of professions.

Critical thinking can help you in any profession to:

 Analyze information

 Systematically solve problems

➛ Generate innovative solutions

➙ Plan strategically

➛ Think creatively

➙  Present your work or ideas to others in a way that can be readily understood

2. Understanding of Evidence

Facts and evidence are important, but it’s equally important to be able to understand the source of the evidence and the relationship between facts. Thinking critically allows you to identify bias and manipulation, and come up with your own informed opinions.

3. Crucial for the Economy

Our future depends on technology, information, and innovation. Critical thinking is needed for our fast-growing economies, to solve problems as quickly and as effectively as possible.

4. It Helps you make Better Decisions

Every day you make thousands of decisions. Most of them are made by your subconscious, are not very important, and don’t require much thought.

But the most important decisions you make can be hard and require a lot of thought, such as when or if you should change jobs, relocate to a new city, buy a house, get married, or have kids.

At work, you may have to make decisions that can alter the course of your career or the lives of others.

5. Creates Compelling Arguments

It allows you to create a convincing argument backed up by proof. Arguments based on opinion without evidence are often easily taken apart.

This skill can be useful when writing essays, debating others on political matters or discussing whether tea or coffee is better!

It allows you to present a balanced view that considers all the angles and means you can give your own opinion based on the evidence.

6. Improves Language Skills

In order to best express ourselves, we need to know how to think clearly and systematically — meaning practice critical thinking!

It also means knowing how to break down texts, and in turn, improve our ability to comprehend.

7. It Exercises your Curiosity

It helps you to exercise your curiosity. By analyzing the information that you come across, you don’t just accept what you’re seeing or being told at face value.

Instead, you question the opinion presented to you and seek out the reasons and sources behind it.

8. It Improves Relationships

You might be concerned that it will turn you into a Spock-like character who is not very good at relationships.

But, in fact, the opposite is true. Employing critical thinking makes you more open-minded and better able to understand others’ points of view.

9. Enhances Problem Solving Skills

Those with critical thinking skills tend to solve problems as part of their natural instinct.

They are patient and committed to solving the problem, similar to Albert Einstein, one of the best critical thinking examples, who said “It’s not that I’m so smart; it’s just that I stay with problems longer.”

Critical thinkers’ enhanced problem-solving skills make them better at their jobs and better at solving the world’s biggest problems. Like Einstein, they have the potential to literally change the world.

10. It Helps in Self-Reflection

Without critical thinking, how can we really live a meaningful life? We need this skill to self-reflect and justify our ways of life and opinions. It also provides us with the tools to evaluate ourselves in the way that we need to.



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