10 Ways to Make Money on Facebook as a Nigerian

You might be wondering if Facebook really pays and so in this article, we will show you 10 ways to make money on Facebook as a Nigerian

10 Ways to Make Money on Facebook as a Nigerian

Almost everyone sees Facebook as an avenue for meeting new people, socializing with friends and relatives, and catching fun. But there’s more to Facebook. It can be an avenue to make some cool cash online.

The following are the top 10 ways to make cool cash on Facebook without having to wait for long:

1. Facebook Marketplace

This is one of the simplest ways to make money on Facebook. Basically, Facebook allows you to sell items on a special section of the site.

You can post used or new items to sell, everything from PCs, cell phones, cars to furniture. It’s Here are some tips when it comes to selling on the Facebook Marketplace:

1. Be sure to include clear pictures of what you’re selling.

2. Provide details like model number, condition (be honest), etc.

3. Make sure you are selling it for the right price. Check what the same or similar items are selling for from other Marketplace sellers or on other sites like eBay or Craigslist.

4. Keep in mind there is some negotiation with potential buyers and many will try to low-ball you. If you don’t think it’s a fair price you’re under no obligation to take the offer.

Have in mind that you might not create a full-time business on Facebook, but it is a quick way to make some extra cash.

2. Facebook Affiliate Marketing

After building massive followership on your Facebook page, you can start making money from it by promoting products that your followers will be interested in most likely. This is usually done by sharing review posts that have your affiliate links within them.

Each time a follower clicks on your affiliate link to buy a product, you promote it on your page and you also get a commission on that sale.

3. Direct Ads

If you have a Facebook page with a lot of fans, another way to make cool cash is to publish adverts for products and services that will attract your fans.

How much you will make with this strategy depends on how targeted your Facebook page is.

A Facebook page with active fans that are interested in one topic, such as health or technology, will attract more advertisers than one with no defined audience.

4. Facebook Marketing

Since several millions of people visit Facebook daily, many businesses deem it a good avenue for generating leads.

This explains why most businesses hire experts on Facebook marketing to handling their marketing campaigns on Facebook.

So if you are one of those experts who can help businesses by converting Facebook followers and fans to customers? Then you should your own Facebook marketing agency.

5. Facebook Page Setup

Although Facebook is so user-friendly that anyone can use it without difficulty, some people just can’t get around tasks like setting up a Facebook page, using a Facebook app, and so on.

You can make money by helping individuals and businesses set up not just Facebook pages, but attractive and professional ones.

6. Facebook Apps

If you pride yourself on having solid programming skills, you can turn this into cool cash by developing a Facebook application.

The more valuable and helpful your application is, the more popular it will become, and the more money you will make from it.

Your app could be a Facebook payment solution, an automatic posts publisher or any other thing that you think will solve problems for Facebook users.

7. Sponsored Likes and Shares

You don’t need to have a Facebook page to make money on Facebook. You can also make money with your personal Facebook profile, provided you have up to thousands of Facebook friends.

Since your friends will be more likely to read and share anything you post, some individuals and businesses are ready to actually pay you to promote their offers to your Facebook friends.

8. Facebook Surveys

This is another way to make money on Facebook. Companies carry out surveys to gather consumer opinions about a new or existing product or service to get more insight into what consumers really want from them.

To conduct surveys, companies approach either bloggers with huge followership, Facebook pages with lots of fans, or survey sites, provided those channels comprise their target customers.

9. Facebook Management

You have probably observed that some celebrities, politicians, and other high-profile individuals are very active on Facebook, posting new updates daily or even multiple times a day. You may wonder how these people get to do that, considering they are always busy.

Most of them hire Facebook managers to help them engage with their fans or followers.

You can also make money working as a Facebook manager for high profile individuals as well as companies.

10. Sponsored Posts

Sometimes, words bring better results than graphics. This explains why some advertisers will prefer spreading words of their businesses or campaigns using well-written posts rather than graphic ads.

So, you can also make money by sharing such sponsored posts on your Facebook page.

However, to make a decent income repeatedly with this strategy, you need a huge, active, and targeted followership on facebook.

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