5 Great Apps for Making Real Friends

If you are looking to seek out new space, then these apps for making real friends will come in handy for you.

Great Apps for Making Real Friends

You are aware of the potential for dating apps to assist you in finding your next hookup, partnership, or ambiguously romantic liaison?

There are some really good apps for making friends out there that can assist you in finding and screening potential new pals.

Making friends in your new town or city is crucial for helping you settle in and succeed in your new life if you’ve recently relocated there.

Whatever the case may be, these apps will help you build that friendship bond you’ve always wanted to create.

1. Yubo


Numerous apps for friends share features with dating apps (making a profile, swiping on others, private messaging, etc.)

However, Yubo is special because of its catfish-free video chat feature. You can use the app to connect with people and have live video chats with them (like Facetime, but without having to give out your phone number).

If you’ve already seen someone’s face, this can help ease first-time meetup anxiety and guarantee the person you’re speaking to is *actually* who they claim to be.

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2. Ablo


While meeting new individuals in your neighborhood is excellent, meeting folks from other countries will really broaden your worldview.

Ablo has many of the features you’d expect from a buddy app, such as text and voice chat, but it also lets you live stream yourself if you want to reach a bigger audience.

The best feature is that the program automatically translates conversations so that you may communicate with anyone regardless of their native tongue.

If it results in you meeting your best friend in France, the two of you can stroll the Louvre together next summer.

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3. Bumble BFF

Bumble BFF is essentially the same idea as Bumble for dating, just it’s for platonic pals. Still, you create a profile with a few pictures, write a brief bio, and then swipe right on your favorites.

The primary distinction is that neither of you must initiate a conversation before the match expires because the timeframe is unrelated to gender.

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Another app that allows users to swipe left or right on profiles depending on the ones they think best suit their interests is WINK.

You can specify the gender and age range of the people you want to meet, as well as add your interests, to ensure that potential matches share at least one pastime with you.

You have the option of having a conversation directly on the app or moving it to Snapchat for a bit more privacy. This app is also similar to tinder for friends

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5. Hey! VINA

Hey! Vina

VINA was created specifically for women to connect with other women whenever they want.

You can find matches based on shared hobbies, interests, and your “life stage,” as different phases of life may prompt you to seek out new acquaintances.

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