All About the JDS Scholarship

The Project for Human Resource Development by Japanese Grant Aid JDS Scholarship (former Japanese Grant Aid for Human Resource Development Scholarship (JDS)) has it main objective as supporting human resource development of the Japanese grant aid recipient countries.

All About the JDS Scholarship

JDS Project targets the highly capable young officials (mainly government) who are expected to engage in implementing social and economic development plans as a future leader.

JDS is funded by the Government of Japan through ODA (Official Development Assistance) supported by Japanese tax payers.

It provides a  2-year Master’s courses at Japanese Universities (in English). JDS Fellows will get a special opportunity for directly learning the forefront knowledge in the technological environment as well as for building the wide human networks.

NOTE: Some courses are 1-year course

Application Process

Click Here to Apply.

Beneficiaries of JDS

1. For the participants (JDS Fellows)

JDS Fellows will have a great opportunity to learn the expert knowledge for policy making and institutional building for the country’s development as well as systems in the world-leading technological country. Also the Fellows will benefit from the wider human network.

2. For the organizations (The Fellows’ workplace)

The Fellows’ workplace will attain the highly-capable & motivated returnees who would effectively contribute to the organizational missions.

3. For the country (The Fellows’ country)

The Fellows’ country will improve institutional capability, which leads to foster the development

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