All About the Lagos Business School

The Lagos business school (LBS) was established in 1991. It is currently ranked as the best in Africa. Also, it has its main campus in Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria.

Lagos Business School

LBS was founded in the heart of the African busiest city, Lagos. And one of the industrious states in Nigeria. Also, LBS is the best private graduate business school in Africa.

It’s a subsidiary of  Pan-Atlantic university in Nigeria. It offers an academic program. Also, it offers an executive program and short focused courses in management.

More Details

This is to graduates who wish to distinguish themselves. Especially, in today’s economic environment. Also, where business and management leadership is a necessity.

LBS  is also a  member of the Global Business Schools Network (GBSN). And the Association of African Business Schools (AABS). Also, LBS was the first business school in Africa to be accredited.

This accreditation was by the Association for Advanced Collegiate School of Business (AACSB). Also, it’s the very first business school in Nigeria.

It’s where the students are offered various programs. Like: Executive education programs to management programs. Doctoral programs. Executive MBA programs. And full-time MBA programs.

Visions of Lagos Business School

When looking at Lagos Business School 2022, note. The following are some visions of LBS:

To be widely recognized as the world’s top business school.

Also, to be the business school with the greatest impact. This impact is on the knowledge and practice of management in Africa.

To be a premier business school in Africa’s largest country.

Aims of Lagos Business School

When looking at Lagos Business School 2022, note. The following are some of the aims of the LBS:

1. It is uniquely positioned to develop visionary business leaders.

2. Also, to develop people with the capability of maximizing profit.

3. Furthermore, to maximize high growth opportunities in key industry sectors.

4. Also, to move Africa to economic prosperity.

About the Founder of Lagos Business School

Prof. Pat Utomi co-founded the Lagos Business School in 1993. He did this with the Opus Dei, a Catholic religious group. Also, as an entrepreneur, he has founded or co-founded many companies.

Some are active in fields. Like: Financial services, ICT, Media, and Agriculture. Also, he was a candidate for President of Nigeria in 2007 and 2011.

He is one of Nigeria’s top managers in Manufacturing. This height he achieved before his 33rd birthday. Also, he belongs to many professional bodies.

Furthermore, he is a member of, Nigerian Institute of Public Relations. Also a member of the Institute of Directors. Nigeria Economic Summit Group. And Nigeria Economic Society.

Some Business Schools Lagos Business School has Collaborated with

When looking at Lagos Business School 2022, note. Over the years, LBS has collaborated with other business schools.

This is to develop responsible business leaders for Africa and the world. Some of the business schools they have collaborated with are:

1. IESE Business School. This is in Spain.

2. Also, IESEG School of Management. This is in France.

3. And, IPADE Business School. This is in Mexico.

4. Also, Nanyang Business School. This is in Singapore.

5. And, Strathmore Business School. This is in Kenya.

6. Furthermore, MDE Business School. This is on Ivory Coast.

7. And, University of Cape Town Graduate School of Business. This is in South Africa.

8. University of Stellenbosch Business School. Also, this is in South Africa.

Various Departments in Lagos Business School

When looking at Lagos Business School 2022, note. The school has the following department in LBS;

1. Accounting.

2. Analysis of Business Problems.

3. Also, there is Business Ethics.

4. Furthermore, there is Corporate Governance.

5. Also, there is Economics.

6. And, there is Entrepreneurship.

7. Also, there is Finance.

8. Furthermore, there is Human Resource Management.

9. Management Information Systems.

10. Also, there is Operations Management.

11. Additionally, there is Sales and Marketing.

12. Also, there is the Social and Political Economy of Business.

13. And, there is Strategy.

Lagos Business School MBA Programme Structure

When looking at Lagos Business School Login, note. Below is the structure of the MBA in LBS:

Brush Up

This is a preparatory module you’re expected to kick start your program. Also. it provides a foundational experience ahead of your MBA courses.

Furthermore, you’ll be exposed to sessions in Business. And, in Accounting and Mathematics. Also, in English, and Quantitative Analysis.

Furthermore, brief sessions are organized on business etiquette. And a dress sense. So that you can always comport yourself properly anywhere you are.

Especially, as an ambassador of the school. It lasts for four (4) weeks in the month of September.

Year One

When looking at Lagos Business School 2022, note. This is the first year of your program. You must ensure to take all the courses offered in the curriculum for the year.

Also, it is divided into three (3) semesters. Each lasting three (3) months. October-December, January-March, and April-June.


The internship is a 3-month on-field exercise. It allows you to gain exposure in the business world. Also, allows you to apply the knowledge you got in your first year.

Year Two

When looking at Lagos Business School 2022, note. Here, you’re given the freedom to choose elective courses. You can take them to school. Or at an exchange program which the school runs. This is with any of its strategic partners.

Please take note of this. However, you can only graduate if you’re able to attain the stipulated minimum credits as distributed below;

Core Courses: 60.5 credits.

Internship: 6 credits.

Electives: 12 credits.

Requirements for Admission into LBS

When looking at Lagos Business School 2022, note. Like every other institution school, LBS has its admission requirements. To be considered for admission, meet all:

1. Five credit passes at the Ordinary Level for Anglophone countries. This includes English and Mathematics.

2. Also, a minimum of a second-class lower university degree. This is from a recognized university.

3. Furthermore, a minimum of three years post-qualification work experience.

4. Also, competitive GMAT or GRE score.

5. And, demonstrated intellectual capacity. Professionalism, maturity, and effective decision-making. And problem-solving potentials assessed during an interview.

Lagos Business School 2022 School Fees 

When looking at Lagos Business School 2022, note. From the information available to students on the official website, note.

It will cost you N2,511,630 per session to run a program in LBS. And they run two sessions. However, this covers tuition fees and course materials. Please note. It can be paid in six instalments at the beginning of each semester.

Below is the breakdown:

Full-Time MBA 1st Session 2nd Session Total
Program fees  N2,511,630 N2,511,630 N5,023,260*
Application fee N5,000
GMAT  $250 (2016) Visit for details
or GRE $205 (2016) Visit for details.

Note: The LBS school fee needs review.

Installment Amount Date Due
1st TBC August
2nd TBC December
3rd TBC March
4th TBC June
5th TBC September
6th TBC January

Available Scholarships for LBS

Note the following information about Lagos business school’s available scholarships. When looking at Lagos Business School 2022, note.

Lagos Business School awards several scholarships every year. This is to outstanding students with proven financial needs.

To apply, submit a filled scholarship application form. This is to the MBA Admissions Office. Also, within the first week of getting an admission letter. Please note.

The LBS scholarship committee meets. This meeting is during the second week of admission letters being sent out. The LBS scholarship awardees are notified by the end of the same week.

Also, when looking at Lagos Business School 2022, note. These scholarships cover the full tuition for the MBA program. However, if awarded, you will be responsible for other personal expenses.

Thus, to qualify, you must have applied. Also, must have got admission to participate in the MBA program. Also, the scholarship awards winning Ebook (worth $50).

Lagos Business School Application Documents

When looking at Lagos Business School login 2021, note. Below are the required documents:

1. A completed application form.

2. The referees may also send directly also, three reference forms ().

3. Copies of O’Level and university degree certificates (statements of results are acceptable).

4. Official Transcripts sent after you have been admitted (these may be sent directly by your former school).

5. And, Curriculum Vitae.

6. Also, a copy of the NYSC Certificate or Letter of Exemption (for Nigerians only).

7. And, a passport photograph.

There is Human Resource Management. Also, there is Management Information Systems. Additionally, there is Operations Management.

Also, there is Sales and Marketing. Furthermore, there is a Social and Political Economy of Business. And, there is Strategy.

In conclusion, please note. At this point, we believe you have a lot of information about Lagos Business School. However, if there is any other you need, you can research more.


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