All you should know about the Nigeria Federal Government Scholarship

Here is everything you need to know about the Nigeria Federal Government Scholarship and the frameworks that accompany it.

Nigeria federal government scholarship

Applicants for postgraduate studies must have a first degree with a second-class honors division.

The applicant must be a full-time student at a federal or state university.

All other applicants (UG, HND, and NCE) must be full-time students in their second or higher year at a Federal or State University, Polytechnic, Monotechnic, or College of Education.

All undergraduate scholarship applicants must have a cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of at least 4.0 on a five (5) point scale or its equivalents or 5.0 on a seven (7) point scale.

How Much is Nigeria Federal Government Scholarship?

Because such information is not made public, it is not possible to check the FSBN scholarship exam results online.

If you are shortlisted for the scholarship by the Federal Ministry of Education, you will receive an email or text message from the scholarship board.

Applicants who make the shortlist will then go through the verification process to receive a payment of two hundred and fifty Naira (N250,000).

Federal Govt Scholarship 2023 – What are the Documents?

The following documents must be submitted at the exam centre:

1. A copy of your educational certificates (on no account should original certificates be submitted).

2. Printed Application form

3. Passport-size photographs.

4. A copy of your admission letter to the university where you are studying.

5. A copy of the most recent examination result.

6. Identity Card Copies.

7. A copy of the most recent course registration form.

All eligible candidates who want to apply for the Nigeria Federal Govt Scholarship 2023 award should go to the award’s official website and read all of the details before applying.

What are Some Fully-funded Scholarships?

The scholarship is a wonderful word! It attracts all ambitious young people because their dreams and goals are plentiful, but their resources are limited.

When you are looking for a scholarship, you are also looking to be appreciated for a bright future. That is what fully funded scholarships accomplish.

Here are some fully funded scholarships

1. Chinese Government Scholarships

The Chinese government, in addition to its universities and its industry bigwigs as well as its various foundations, are the biggest scholarship providers in the world.

Both international students and Chinese citizens. The scholarships offered by the Government of China are too numerous to mention.

2. DAAD Scholarship

Year in, and year out, the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) supports thousands of students and professionals from developing countries with a variety of scholarships.

Some of these scholarships come with internships in party-related foundations or business-affiliated institutions.

DAAD also joins forces with schools and organizations in local regions in Africa to offer scholarships to students so that they can gain joint degrees in specialized courses.

No course is exempted from DAAD so find your dream course and apply today.

3. Fulbright Student Program

The Fulbright Foreign Student Program helps graduate students, young professionals, and artists from abroad to study and conduct research in the United States.

The scholarships are for a Master’s or Ph.D. degree, and can also be awarded for non-degree postgraduate studies.

Study and research under this program are for one or more years at U.S. universities or other appropriate institutions.

The number of awards differs per country, but approximately 4,000 foreign students receive Fulbright scholarships each year.

4. Australian Awards Scholarship

Australia Awards, an initiative of the Australian Government, is a program with up to 3000 Masters Scholarships every year for eligible working-class students with 1000 going to African students.

This is one of the best scholarship programs you can apply for because it prioritizes your work experience over academic grades and qualifications.

For years, a third-class academic performance could get you this full government-sponsored scholarship. You just need to tick off all other eligibility boxes.


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All you should know about the Nigeria Federal Government Scholarship

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