Best Accelerated Nursing Programs in New Jersey

Today we take a look at nursing and all the best accelerated nursing programs in New Jersey available for students.

Best Accelerated Nursing Programs in New Jersey

You may acquire your Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree and enter the nursing field more quickly and affordably by enrolling in an accelerated BSN program in New Jersey.

Your education will be adapted to your requirements since you will obtain BSN credits depending on the credits you already have earned.

You will be equipped to take the NCLEX-RN test, which is necessary in order to practice as an RN in the state of New Jersey, once you have finished your program.

Admission Requirements:

Every candidate must already hold a bachelor’s degree in any profession or study. The entrance requirements vary from school to school across the state.

The requirements for Felician University might guide your decision-making. Here, you’ll require:

  1. Baccalaureate degree from a university or college with regional accreditation;
  2. A 3.0 GPA for your undergraduate studies on a 4.0 scale;
  3. A copy of your resume detailing any employment history you may have in your current or prior sector;
  4. Demonstrate capacity to finish courses and clinical quickly;
  5. Copies of all of your transcripts.
  6. A B- or higher grade in all the required courses.

Many nursing students are quite concerned about the cost of tuition, which varies based on the accelerated BSN program you select in New Jersey.

While most students finish their programs in under two years, program durations can vary, and some institutions can shorten their programs even more for students who have finished most of their required courses. Accelerated Nursing Programs in NJ

Top Accelerated Nursing Programs in New Jersey

Discover the New Jersey accelerated nursing school. That’s best for you to take the next step toward a lucrative nursing profession.

1. Fairleigh Dickinson University, Teaneck

The State of New Jersey has received exceptional nursing education from the Henry P. Becton School of Nursing and Allied Health, a vital component of the institution.

By maintaining clinical affiliations with some of the leading healthcare organizations in the area, such as the Atlantic Health System, Bergen Regional Medical Center, and Children’s Specialized Hospital.

The school aims to give its students the greatest clinical experiences possible.

Experts, in theory, research, administration, informatics, advanced practice, and nursing specializations make up the institution’s committed faculty, who encourage learning in these areas.

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2. Felician University, Lodi

The Felician University, a private Roman Catholic university, offers a nursing program.

The institution offers a setting where nursing science is integrated with compassion, care, ethics, and values.

The major emphasis is on providing evidence-based treatment and preparing nursing graduates to think critically and solve problems.

Its faculty strives to provide a learning environment by being understanding of and accommodating to the academic demands of its students.

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3. Thomas Edison State University, Trenton

The Thomas Edison State University School of Nursing has 35 years of expertise in providing top-notch nursing education.

By providing self-paced classes, it has consistently pushed to make its programs creative and adaptable.

The school places a strong emphasis on nurse-to-nurse advising, in which nurse advisers with years of nursing experience engage closely with students.

Perhaps, leading them through their educational journey, to create a strong foundation for advanced study and lifetime learning.

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4. Rutgers University – Newark & New Brunswick

Rutgers Biomedical and Health Sciences currently offer a nursing degree at Rutgers University-Newark. Accelerated Nursing Programs in NJ

It is one of the most renowned nursing schools in the country that offers evidence-based nursing education.

Its 200 associated clinical locations in New Jersey provide its students with a range of practical opportunities.

It aims to include creative teaching, support research projects, collaborates with healthcare facilities, and stimulate faculty participation in research and clinical practice to provide nursing aspirants with the finest training possible.

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5. New Jersey City University, Jersey City & Wall Township

The New Jersey City University provides its students with a lovely study atmosphere thanks to its beautifully planted and active campus, which is in the heart of Jersey City.

The school’s small class sizes and outstanding professors guarantee that its nursing students have the finest possible learning environment.

The school offers a variety of learning opportunities where nursing students may put their professional abilities to use outside of the classroom thanks to its various clinical connections.

Graduates work in a variety of healthcare institutions, nursing programs, home healthcare agencies, hospice care, and long-term care facilities.

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6. Georgian Court University, Lakewood

The Nursing School at Georgian Court benefits from its affiliation with the institution.

The college is about 60 miles between Philadelphia and New York City. It provides training in the Roman Catholic religion in a cozy, small-school environment.

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7. Seton Hall University, Nutley

The Seton Hall University College of Nursing launched New Jersey’s first bachelor’s nursing program in 1937.

The college is a major player in modern healthcare education today.

The school gives its students a mentoring that provides them with all the skills and information needed to practice in a variety of settings. Its faculty members are 80 percent doctorly prepared.


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