World Standard Best Argumentative Essay picks for 2024/2025

It is important you note that writing a good argumentative essay depends on the topic to a large extent and the number of traction points. Thus, to get a head start on finding 6th grade argumentative essay topics, read this article. Also, you shall learn about what an argumentative pick is.

best argumentative essay

What is an Argumentative Essay?

To find argumentative essay topics easily on different platforms, you need to understand what an argumentative essay is. The argumentative topic is all about arguing. Also, it is about debating a topic, which is debatable.

Furthermore, the main focus and aim of the essay are:

1. To convince the reader in believing your position.

2. Also, to persuade the reader to accept your position.

Thus, a student should know how to argue on a specific topic. And this is without using any shallow or fluffy content.


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6th Grade Essay Topics on General Issues

Below are some 6th-grade argumentative essay topics:

  1. Should plastic be banned?
  2. Pollution due to Urbanization
  3. Education should be free.
  4. Should Students get limited access to the Internet?
  5. Selling Tobacco should be banned.
  6. Smoking in public places should be banned.
  7. Facebook should be banned.
  8. Students should not be allowed to play PUBG.
  9. Health is wealth.
  10. A stitch in time saves nine.
  11. An apple a day keeps the doctor away.
  12. Where there is a will, there is a way.
  13. Time and tide wait for none.
  14. Should same-sex marriage be allowed?
  15. Is racism, ok?

Controversial Essay Topics for 6th Graders

We all know that argumentative essays must be based on controversies. However, there are some topics that are more controversial than others.

In the list below you will see some of the topics used the most for writing argumentative essays. Take a look:

1. Does having tattoos mean someone is a bad or mean person?

2. Why should euthanasia be allowed?

3. Should same-sex parenting be allowed?

4. Is ok to judge people regarding their social status?

5. Should we tolerate discrimination?

6. Are energy drinks healthy?

7. Should there be gun control measurements?

8. Is prostitution, ok?

Should adults stop drinking milk?

9. Why should marijuana be legal?

Argumentative Essay Topics on Immigration for 6th Graders

There are also 6th-grade argumentative essay topics on immigration. If you are assigned a paper about immigration, note it. Make sure to look for topics to write about. And this should come from hot present and past subjects.

Below are some great argumentative essay topic ideas on immigration to consider.

1. Immigration is the biggest problem in the US today.

2. How does immigration impact the minimum wage in the US?

3. What should the EU do to undocumented immigrants?

4. How can the US immigration policy be improved?

5. Analyzing the positive impacts of immigration in the US.

6. How did the immigration system in the US change after 9/11?

7. What is the effectiveness of using border walls to control illegal immigration into the US?

8. What are the main problems associated with immigration in Europe?

9. Immigration and criminal justice: How are they related?

What are the sources of illegal immigrants in the EU?

Most Repeated 6th Grade Argumentative Topics on Animal Concern

Essay topics on animals tend to be very interesting. Also, they are passionate too. And this is because we live with animals. And we tend to have a great attachment to them.

Are you looking for a 6th-grade argumentative essay topic about animals? If yes, then note. We have topics in areas such as conservation, animal rights, and testing, among others. Here are some great suggestions.

  • Why is medical animal testing justifiable?
  • Euthanizing stray animals is ethical.
  • It is more critical to conserve endangered animals than non-endangered ones.
  • Capturing and keeping wild animals as pets is unethical.
  • Sophisticated animals such as primates should not be used in laboratory tests.
  • Dissecting animals as a study tool in schools is unethical.
  • Tethering animals such as dogs is inhumane.
  • Hunting as a sport is a great pastime.
  • Conservation is bad: Why we should let nature take its course and allow animals to get extinct.
  • Killing domestic animals for meat and other products is inhumane.

Music Amazing Essay Topics

It is also a fact that writing an argumentative essay in music can be fun. Also, it can be very satisfying. This is because you have more flexibility to look at music.

Now; not just from the entertainment point of view, but from how it relates to other disciplines. Here are some great topics to argue about in music.

  • Is modern pop music as great as the pop music of the 1960s?
  • How did the development of the internet affect music?
  • What role does music play in a country’s development?
  • How do you think portable devices’ evolution will affect the music industry in the future?
  • Is music a disturbance in the modern workplace?
  • What is the future of music streaming on top sites?
  • Music producers have more power in shaping the industry than musicians.
  • Will the era of downloading spell doom for the music streaming industry?
  • Is parental label warning on music with offensive lyrics necessary?
  • Should violent lyrics be banned?

The above topics are award-winning essay topics. As such, you can learn from how they are formed.


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