Best Paramedical Courses 2023/2024 Update

Paramedical courses train students and turn them into skilled and qualified allied healthcare workers and technicians.

Best Paramedical Courses 2023/2024 Update

Along with Doctors and Nurses, allied healthcare workers also play an integral role in the smooth functioning of the healthcare industry.

Paramedical courses are usually related to the allied healthcare sector. These courses are just as useful and job-oriented as the courses directly related to the field of healthcare (nursing, medicine, and pharmacy).

Depending upon the type of the course, both 10th and 12th passed students are eligible to pursue paramedical courses in India. Let us check out the main paramedical courses available in India.

What is Paramedical Course?

A paramedical course means attaining a professional degree of medical assistance by learning the complete process. And, these professionals are known as Paramedics.

They have the capability to diagnose any disease in a human body with the help of blood tests, X-rays, MRIs, Citi scans, Ultrasound, etc.

The Common areas where these paramedics work is in the management of fracture, spinal injury, burn assessment, and general accident cases.

In addition, they actually support doctors in providing better treatment by doing various medical checkups and therapies.

Paramedical Courses After 12th

Students get befuddled about the courses in higher education that lead will to numerous job opportunities and career prospects.

The decision of choosing the course will not only okay an essential role in professional life but also their social life. So before deciding on what courses they want to choose, they should go through all the top courses to do after the 12th.

Eligibility Criteria for Paramedical Courses

The eligibility for paramedical courses may vary from one college to another. It also will depend on the nature of the course.

For instance, you won’t need 12th class certificates for some of the courses in paramedics, while most other courses do require one.

Students should also note that the eligibility criteria are laid down by the institute offering that particular course.

The Function of Paramedical Staffs

Paramedical staff includes physiotherapists, occupational therapists, prosthetic and orthotic technicians, medical technologists, radiographers, and radiotherapists.

Paramedics are those trained medical professionals who diagnose any disease in the human body with the help of MRI, Ultrasound, X-Ray, blood test, and so on.

More so, they help doctors in providing better treatment by performing various medical therapies and check-ups.

Obstetrics, management of burns and assessment, spinal injury management, fracture management, and evaluation of general accident scenes are the usual areas of work for paramedics.

Laboratory, Radiology, OphthalmologyAnesthesiology, Dialysis- all these are the main branches of paramedics.

Types of Paramedical Courses in India

The 3 main types of paramedical courses available in India are:

1. Bachelor’s Degree courses

2. Diploma courses

3. Certificate courses

Top Bachelor’s Degree in Paramedical Courses

1. Bachelor of Physiotherapy

2. Bachelor of Occupational Therapy

3. Sc. in OTT (Operation Theatre Technology)

4. Sc. in Dialysis Technology

5. Sc. in MLT (Medical Lab Technology)

6. Sc. in X-Ray Technology

7. Sc. in Radiography

8. Sc. in Medical Imaging Technology

9. Sc. in Medical Record Technology


11. Sc. in Ophthalmic Technology

12. Sc. in Audiology and Speech Therapy

13. Sc. in Optometry

14. Sc. in Anesthesia Technology

The above-mentioned Bachelor’s Degree courses are usually 3 years long. Some academic programs are 4 years long (theory and practical training).

Usually, students who have passed the 12th Science stream with Biology subject are eligible to pursue the above-mentioned courses. Exceptions do exist though!

Top Diploma Paramedical Courses

1. Diploma in Physiotherapy

2. Diploma in Occupational Therapy

3. DOTT (Diploma in Operation Theatre Technology)

4. Diploma in Dialysis Technology

5. DMLT (Diploma in Medical Lab Technology)

6. Diploma in X-Ray Technology

7. Diploma in Radiography

8. Diploma in Medical Imaging Technology

9. Diploma in Medical Record Technology

10. Diploma in Nursing Care Assistant

11. ANM

12. GNM

13. Diploma in Ophthalmic Technology

14. DHLS (Diploma in Hearing Language and Speech)

15. Diploma in Anesthesia Technology

16.. Diploma in Dental Hygienist

17. Diploma in Rural Health Care

18. Diploma in Community Health Care

Diploma courses could last anywhere between 1-3 years. Diploma courses can usually be pursued by students who have passed 12th and 10th (depending upon the institute and the nature of the academic program).

Top Certificate Paramedical Courses

1. Certificate in X-Ray Technician

2. Certificate in Lab Assistant/Technician

3. Certificate in Dental Assistant

4. Certificate in Operation Theatre Assistant

5. Certificate in Nursing Care Assistant

6. Certificate in ECG and CT Scan Technician

7. Certificate in Dialysis Technician

8.Certificate in Home Based Health Care

9. Certificate in Rural Health Care

10. Certificate in HIV and Family Education

11. Certificate in Nutrition and Childcare

Certificate paramedical courses could last anywhere between 6 months to 2 years. 10th pass is usually the minimum qualification required to pursue such courses (depends upon the institute and the nature of the academic program).

Apart from the above-mentioned undergraduate level paramedical courses, there also exists Postgraduate Diploma, Postgraduate Certificate as well as Postgraduate Degree courses in India.

Postgraduate paramedical courses can be pursued after completing a relevant undergraduate academic program.

Paramedical Certificate Courses After 12th Arts

All those students having at least 50% in Arts stream can pick up the right course from below paramedical courses list after 12th arts:

1. Certificate in Dialysis Technician

2. Certificate in ECG and CT Scan Technician

3. X-Ray Technician Certificate

4. ANM Auxiliary Nursing Midwifery

5. HIV and Family Education Certificate

FAQs about Paramedical Courses After 12th

What are the Paramedical courses & what exactly will we study in it?

Paramedical Courses are job-oriented academic programs related to the healthcare sector and industry. You will acquire the necessary skills in this course to assist doctors as health care professionals.

Nursing, Pharmacy & Medicine are some of the fields you’ll study in this course.

How to apply for Paramedical Courses?

For admission in Paramedical courses, you may need to appear in an entrance examination like AIIMS. Some Institutes may allow admission on the basis of merit.

For more details, check out the Admission Process on this article

What is the scope of the Paramedical Course after 12th?

Because of the increasing health problems, the need for assisting health professionals has also increased.

This simply proves that you won’t have any trouble in grabbing a nicely paying Job/Placement after completing a Paramedical course after the 12th.

How much salary can we expect after paramedical courses?

Usually, paramedical professionals earn a satisfactory salary package, as most of it depends on your skills and experience.

Still, as a fresher, you can achieve around 3-3.5 lacs P/A very easily, which will rise along with your time and expertise in the industry.

Is NEET Entrance Exam necessary for admission to Paramedical Course?

No, NEET is not compulsory for paramedical admissions. NEET is only required for MBBS & BDS. But Universities offering Paramedical usually hold separate entrance examinations for these courses.

1. General Nursing Midwifery (GNM)
2. Rural Health Care Certificate
3. Certificate in Nutrition and Childcare
4. Certificate in Operation Theatre Assistant


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