Best Way to Get the NECO Scratch Card Online

It is important to get a NECO result card. This is because you cannot check the result without it. Thus, the NECO scratch card is a necessity.

Best Way to Get the NECO Scratch Card Online

There are reliable vendors that sell scratch cards online. However, you have to be careful. In this article, you shall learn about some of these vendors. Also, you shall be guided on how to buy NECO scratch card 2021 online.

How to Buy NECO Scratch Card Online

It is important you understand how to check your NECO result online before approaching the vendors to get the card. Checking the results online is simple. You only need the NECO scratch card.

However, you may not be able to purchase it directly from the NECO website, but you can get it from one of its reliable partners.

Of course, it is cheaper to buy a NECO scratch card directly from the National Examination Council physical office.

However, you can save your time if you go with the online method, which is also great. To buy online:

1. You need to have an ATM card.

2. Also, you need to have an internet connection.

3. Furthermore, you are visiting one of the reliable online vendors’ pages.

4. Follow the procedures stated there and make payments.

However, please call and verify before making payment. Also, note that we are not partnering with these online vendors. We are only helping with information on the easiest possible ways of buying NECO scratch cards online.

When you get the card you can visit the official NECO website You will see a message about checking your exam results online with the ‘Click Here’ green button.

However, remember that you can also visit your local NECO office and purchase your card with a serial number and PIN code there and save at least 200 Naira.

Also, remember that each scratch card can only be used five times by one person.

Some Vendors You Can Buy NECO Scratch Card

Below are some vendors you can buy the NECO Scratch Card 2021 from:

1. Examscard

With Agent Wallet Account you can buy from these guys at a discount price. Also, you can buy without extra charges.

However, what is Agent Wallet Account? Agent Wallet Account is a Wallet Account that allows you to buy WAEC, NECO, NABTEB, and GCE PINs.

Also, this is via Bank Transfer if your ATM card cannot be used for online Payment. And with Agent Wallet Account customers can buy instant card PINs at a discount price on EXAMSCARD.

Also, it is set up for business centers, cyber cafes, or anyone who can buy more than 10 cards.

Once the account is credited, you can decide to pick the cards one by one. And the amount loaded on your wallet will be deducted accordingly.


This is another online NECO Scratch Card vendor. Here the card is sold at ₦700.00. And it is in stock as we speak. Also, the delivery of the PIN and serial number is instant.

3. Reliable Technologies

This is a subsidiary of God’s Fulfillment Computer Institute. Here, they explain procedures of how to Buy NECO BECE Scratch Cards Online. Also, they explain how to buy NECO NCEE/BECE result checker cards online.

buy NECO BECE Registration PIN online, Buy Basic Education Certification Examination (BECE) Registration Card Online.

Also, Buy National Common Entrance Examination (NCEE) Scratch Card Online at a cheaper price, both in Unit and Bulk with Instant Delivery.

Reliable Technologies, is a major distributor of NECO Registration Scratch Cards. Also, in order to ease the scarcity of the card, they have made an online portal available.

And this is where diverse candidates can buy NECO Registration PIN online.

Reliable Technologies Available Payment Methods

To cover a wider audience, they have made different secured means of payment available to their esteemed customers. And they are:

1. Online payment. It can be Master Card, Visa Card, Verve Card, etc.

2. Also, via Bank Account. It can be Mobile and Web Transfer or Direct Deposit.

3. Also, you can purchase at any of their offices.

How to Use the NECO Scratch Card

Below are steps on how to make use of the card:

1. Log in to

2. Also, select the type and year of examination.

3. Additionally, type in the card details.

4. Also, fill in all required fields.

With the above information, you can enjoy the convenience of buying valid and genuine NECO result checker Cards from the comfort of your home or office at the most affordable price online.



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