Best Way to Write an Opinion Essay

An opinion essay, sometimes called “argumentative,” or “persuasive,” presents the author’s perception of a subject as well as supporting arguments.

Best Way to Write an Opinion Essay

It is written in a standard essay format. In such essays, authors usually try to persuade the readers that their opinion is the correct one.

While it’s probably okay for you to ramble to get to your point when you’re hanging out with your friends, it’s certainly not a smart idea to ramble in an essay.

When writing an opinion essay, your word choices should be precise, your focus (and thesis statement) should be clear, and your arguments must be supported with strong evidence.

Pre-Writing Guideline

Before starting to write your essay, you need to gather information to support your opinion. Make sure the evidence you collect matches your stated point of view. While brainstorming and looking for arguments, try to answer these questions to get more ideas:

1. What question should I answer in this assignment?

2. What are those things my audience want to know?

3. What main points should be conveyed in my essay?

4. Are any of the points inconsistent or contradictory?

5. Can I improve any of my arguments?

Look at the list of your ideas and organize them the way you will use them in your composition. Decide which ideas are perfect to be mentioned at the beginning, in the main part, and at the end of your essay.

Opinion Essay Examples Free Guide: Step by Step Guide

Your opinion essay should have an introduction, main body, and conclusion.

Step 1 – Introduction

In the introductory paragraph, you need to present your subject and state your opinion clearly. Make sure it contains a thesis statement – a sentence that summarizes the main point of your paper.

There are several techniques to begin your essay, so you can:

1. address the reader directly;

2. include a quotation, direct speech, a sentence from a book or play;

3. ask a rhetorical question.

Step 2 – Main Body

In the body of your essay, you need to support your thesis statement. Write several paragraphs, each presenting a separate point of view supported by reasons.

Start every paragraph with a topic sentence the main idea you will back up with arguments. Make sure you don’t begin a new paragraph because the one you are writing right now is too long.

Begin a new paragraph only when you want to discuss a new idea.

While writing, pay special attention to:

1. Tense – normally you should use present tenses in this type of essay.

2. Linking words – use different expressions for giving reasons (one reason for … is / many people believe that… / since… / due to…), expressions opinions (to my mind… / I am convinced that… / from my point of view…), adding ideas (first of all…/ secondly… / what is more, …/ finally… ), etc.

3. Formal vocabulary – do not use idioms, phrasal verbs, or colloquial expressions.

4. Formal punctuation – do not use exclamation marks, parentheses, and contractions.

5. Citing sources where necessary.

Step 3 – Conclusion

To conclude your opinion essay, write a paragraph where you restate your opinion using different words. You should avoid introducing a new idea or apologizing for your views.

However, to make your essay more engaging, you can end with a warning, ask a provocative question, or suggest consequences.


When you complete your essay, evaluate different aspects to make sure that your work is just excellent:

• Grammar – make sure you use the same tense throughout the essay.

‣ Vocabulary – check whether you use linking words and avoid slang.

• Spelling and capitalization – check if all the words are written correctly.

Also, make sure you do not present your ideas using the lists. After all, this is an opinion essay, not a shopping list.

Done right, your opinion essay will be an outstanding piece of writing. Follow the tips above and take your essay writing to the new heights!

Opinion Essay Examples: Do’s and Don’ts

Do you need more expert advice on how to write a great essay?

Keep reading!

Basic Do’s in Writing an Opinion Essay

1. Write in a formal style.  Write your assignment as if you are giving an important speech.

2. Avoid slang and jargon.

3. Introduce the topic. Avoid unnecessary phrases and useless facts that do not relate directly to the topic.

4. Start each paragraph with clear topic sentences; outline the main ideas

5. Use generalizations

6. Use the present tense when writing an opinion article

7. Cite your sources in a proper way

8. Stay brief

9. Make sure that there is a logical sequence that allows your readers easy to follow

Basic Dont’s in Writing an Opinion Essay

• Don’t use colloquial expressions. Even though the slang language is expressive and vivid, jargon words come and go quickly.

‣ Don’t use short forms. Replace the contractions with the non-contracted versions of the words.

• Don’t use over-generalizations

‣ Don’t use statistics without proper referencing

• Don’t give personal examples

‣ Don’t repeat arguments. If you have a few similar facts, group them as a single argument.

• Avoid abbreviations

‣ Don’t overuse simple and short sentences

• Don’t use imperative voice

‣ Avoid exclamation marks, parentheses, dashes

• Don’t address your readers as “you”

Don’t use emotive vocabulary

The final piece of advice: don’t forget to proofread your paper. Revise your content, grammar, vocabulary, spelling, etc.

Make sure that your essay answers the main question. Check if the evidence you provided is accurate and up-to-date.

Thank you for reading! My free tips will help you get through any kind of essay. Still, if you’re stuck with your essay, you can always count on the tips and recommendations from professional writers!



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