Best Ways to Make Money in South Africa in 2024/2025

Here, we provide you with a step-by-step guide on the possible ways one can make money in South Africa with ease. Let’s take a look at them.

Best Ways to Make Money in South Africa

The following are the best ways to make money in South Africa:

1. Agri Protein

Agriprotein is an emerging lucrative business opportunity that focuses on animal feed and supplementing them with highly proteinous feed.

However, Agri Protein is actually an agrotechnology company that raises gazillion flies to breed and lay eggs that hatch to become maggots laid.

The flies are raised and bred on human waste such as excreta and food leftovers and animal waste such as animal dung and blood and when the eggs are laid, which produces maggots, the maggots feed on the human and animal wastes.

With time when the maggots are fed these wastes, Also, they develop into a pupa. Meanwhile, they are harvested, washed, dried till they are crusty and grounded to produce high protein feed for farm animals like poultry, fish and swine.

They have reported this alternative source of animal protein to cost less than the other methods or sources of protein for animals.

2. Solar energy

It is common knowledge that solar energy has received a boost in recent years in many countries, including South Africa.

However, they are more households and small and medium-scale enterprises are increasingly opting for solar energy.

Also, which is economical and more environmentally friendly in the long term.

Selling solar panels, inverters and batteries is a sure way of making money in South Africa and if you learn skills like installation and repairs of solar panels, you can make even more money.

3. Biogas

This is another increasingly common source of renewable energy and more startups are going into it. With the cost of cooking gas become more expensive in South Africa, biogas is the cheaper option to turn to.

They can even make it from local materials and there are hundreds of Do-It-Yourself videos on YouTube for example on how to make biogas right from your home and from readily accessible materials.

4. Pig farming

The demand for pig and pork meat has always been high. It is arguably the highest consumed source of meat in South Africa and many countries of the world. Pigs are very profitable and reproduce quickly, hence the high-profit margin.

5. Blogging

With the digital age and the ease with which it has become to own a website came the popularity of blogging.

Bloggers earn money from advert programmes from organisations such as Google, which offers Google AdSense and Google AdWords. Amazon affiliating marketing and personalise adverts.

6. Travel and holiday agent in South Africa

South Africa is a prime destination for tourists from all over the world and you could help make their visit memorable with your knowledge of South Africa. Help plan their visits to fun places and get them the best deals at a good bargain.

7. Produce and market South African memorabilia and paraphernalia

One of the most popular memorabilia in recent years out of South Africa is the vuvuzela, which was made popular during the 2010 FIFA World Cup hosted in South Africa.

8. Make and sell South African fashion wears and accessories

South African fashion wears are popular around the world and tourists and fans all over the world fancy them. Therefore, kake unique items that you can sell.

9. Become a voice coach

Also, if you have a good voice, you can become a voice coach to one of the many budding South African musicians all over.

10. Teach the English Language

If you have a very good command of the English Language, you could profit from it by tutoring others.

People would pay readily as long as you have a proven history of having a good command of the English Language.

However, you could tutor high school students and adults in evening schools.

11. Produce Art and Crafts to Sell

Just like the memorabilia above, you could produce arts and crafts to sell. Even if you don’t get patronized by the locals, the many tourists and visitors to South Africa would surely patronize your unique artworks.

12. Cryptocurrency Investment

During the outbreak of Coronavirus in the country, cryptocurrency investment soared. Therefore, depending on the amount consumed, this risky investment can yield a lot of money.

Meanwhile, learning how markets work takes time, but knowing how they work pays off handsomely.


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