Best Ways to Write a Leadership Essay Successfully Well

Let’s begin with understanding what is leadership essay. This article will give you a great start with some simple steps that can help you write a good leadership essay.

Best Ways to Write a Leadership Essay

Definition of Leadership Essay

Before looking at some leadership essay examples, please note. A leadership essay is a written work that helps identify and focus on many problems or challenges faced by leaders.

Additionally, it concerns potential solutions or strategies for addressing these issues. And this is on vital qualities required by leaders, on how to develop certain skills. Also, it may be considered the same as writing a profile essay.

In fact, understanding what leadership essay is is simpler than understanding what leadership is. This is because much knowledge related to the latter comes from directly experiencing a leadership role.

Importance of Leadership Essay

Before looking at some leadership essay examples, please note. The importance of a leadership essay cannot be undermined. Below is some important leadership essay:

  • A leadership essay helps create a future leader’s mindset.
  • Also, it helps understand underlying values.
  • Furthermore, it helps prepare a leader for real-life challenges. And this is by arming him or her with valuable knowledge condensed from more experienced and knowledgeable actors.

Steps Involved in Writing a Leadership Essay

Before looking at some leadership essay examples, please note. Here are some basic steps involved in a good leadership essay:

  • Think About Potential Topics for Your Essay

If you already have some positive (or negative) leadership experience, note. It could be beneficial to reflect on it.

Thus, choose a topic derived from the challenges you faced or successes you achieved. Also, another strategy could be analyzing, dissecting leadership cases borrowed from other people.

  • Research this Topic or Reflect on it Thoroughly

Understand whether you truly want to delve deeper. Or whether you’ll deliver an inspiring, original story, or whether enough high-quality information is available.

Thus, if you are confident about your topic, start gathering evidence.

  • Create Thesis Statement

Create a thesis statement that would comprehensively describe/ summarize your paper’s essence, an argument, position, idea, message, information piece.

  • Complete an Outline

Also, plan in detail your content. This will ensure that the entire paper is structured logically.

Also, that all information pieces go to an appropriate section or paragraph. But also that you keep your word count for each section in check as you write.

  • Write the First Draft

Let ideas or arguments flow and develop while leaving editing for later. Also, include solid evidence supporting your arguments, mention sources.

Furthermore, make sure you have a clearly delimited introduction, main body, and conclusion besides other required sections.

  • Edit Your Essay, Revise, Proofread, Repeat

You might decide to have someone else read the essay to highlight any mistakes.

Leadership Essay Examples

Check out some leadership essay examples completed by some experts below. You may use it as a template or inspiration while writing your own essay on leadership!

Example 1

Confucius was an influential figure of his time and one of the most powerful thought leaders in human history. The fact that he became China’s greatest teacher for ages in just five years of professing this activity speaks for itself.

He was a devoted preacher of morality, correctness, sincerity, justice in social and family interactions.

Philosopher was dedicated, receptive, adaptive to his students’ needs, approaching each of them individually, qualities that describe both good teacher and emphatic leader focused on personal growth of this students and on deep personal ties with them – kind of leadership that elicits not only respect/ reverence but also attachment on a human level.

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It is probably the suffering he endured as a young person that shaped his humanitarian worldview.

He wanted to empower ordinary individuals through education and social reform in order for them to become masters of their own lives, as well as to identify with and take charge of society’s fate, demonstrating such leader qualities as responsibility, dedication, readiness for sacrifice.

Confucius has the allure of visionary highly devoted to the idea of making this world better but also of curious scholar thirsty of knowledge and in constant exploration, which are predictors of intelligence/ competence and open-mindedness among others.

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Being a pragmatic thinker, he valued knowledge mostly for its potential to be used in practice to the benefit of society despite the fact that this implementation often proved challenging.

At the same time, he lived in a society that was disintegrating, objectives he was fighting for were often disregarded as utopist. If it were not for his persistence, he could be defeated my life many times over.

Even despite multiple hardships, he managed to pass his legacy to the following generations achieving worldwide recognition for millennia.




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