Bingham University Gets New Programs

In a monumental stride, Bingham University has announced that it has received approval from the National Universities Commission (NUC) to commence 13 new academic programmes. The approval serves as an acknowledgment of the institution’s commitment to broadening its academic offerings and equipping students with a diverse range of competencies.

Bingham University Gets New Programs

Approval Details

The approval was communicated via a letter signed by Dr Noel Saliu, Director of Academic Planning at the NUC, acting on behalf of the Executive Secretary of the National Universities Commission (NUC). Addressed to the Vice-Chancellor of Bingham University, the letter listed the newly approved programmes, expanding the academic breadth of the institution.

New Programmes on Offer

The programmes that have received the NUC approval include a mix of bachelor’s, master’s, doctorate and postgraduate diploma courses across various disciplines. These are:

  1. B.A Theology
  2. B.Sc Supply Chain Management
  3. B.Sc Procurement Management
  4. M.Sc Microbiology
  5. Ph.D Microbiology
  6. M.Sc Physiology
  7. Ph.D Physiology
  8. M.Sc Anatomy
  9. Ph.D Anatomy
  10. M.Sc Architecture
  11. LL.M Law
  12. Ph.D Law
  13. PGD, Public Health

A Remarkable Achievement

On receipt of the good news, the Vice-Chancellor of Bingham University expressed delight on behalf of the institution. He extended his congratulations to the entire University Community for this remarkable achievement, which would undoubtedly further elevate the university’s standing in the academic sphere.

In his address, he also seized the opportunity to encourage all staff members to continue dedicating themselves to the service of humanity and to strive to uphold the quality of education for which Bingham University is known.


The accreditation of these new programmes by the NUC is a significant milestone for Bingham University. This development expands the institution’s academic landscape and provides potential students with a wider range of courses to pursue their academic goals. With these additions, Bingham University continues to demonstrate its commitment to academic excellence and its desire to provide world-class education to its students.



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