Cheapest Military Schools for Children in the World

If you are looking at sending your child to a military school, here is a list of the cheapest military schools for children in the world.

cheapest military schools for children in the world

Military schools are notoriously expensive in terms of tuition and boarding costs. However, these military academies defy tradition by offering relatively affordable costs.

Less Expensive Military Schools for Kids

1. New Mexico Military Institute

The New Mexico Military Institute was founded in 1891 and is the only state-supported co-ed military college prep boarding school in the United States.

The school supports Grades 9-12 and provides military education and training to the youth at affordable prices.

Additionally, this has nationally recognized the academy for its outstanding academic performance, leadership, and character development, as well as physical fitness programs.

Furthermore, it awards over $2 million each year in scholarships and has a massive campus that spans 300 acres and has a student body of nearly 900 students, making it one of the larger military boarding schools in the country.

2. Massanutten Military Academy

Massanutten Military Academy is not only one of the highest-performing military schools in the United States but also among the most affordable. It was founded in 1899 and situates in Woodstock, VA.

However, the co-ed school is open to boys and girls in grades 6-12. Also, only 130 students attend Massanutten Military Academy.

However, financial assistance is readily available. Almost all students receive some type of financial aid with an average grant of $5,000.

3. Marine Military Academy

This relatively new institution was founded in the mid-1960s yet has developed a strong reputation for affordability since it opened its doors.

Marine Military Academy is located in Harlingen, Texas. The academy provides over 50 course offerings at reasonable prices. Also, over 250 male students attend the academy for ages 7 through 12.

However, the classroom size is relatively small, with a teacher-to-student ratio of 1:11. Also, the Marine Military Academy has an incredibly high acceptance rate of 98 percent.


Top Five Best Military Schools for Children in the World

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