Countries that Are Easier to Get Scholarship

In a difficult financial situation, you can look out for countries that are easier to get scholarship funding for exceptional achievements.

easier country to get scholarship

We’ve compiled a list of countries where you can get a scholarship more easily, giving you a better chance of studying abroad.

Some countries that provide free tuition simply believe that a student’s education should not be dependent on his or her parent’s financial ability.

Which Country is Easier to Get a Scholarship?

International students can take advantage of various free/low tuition schemes in countries such as Germany, Norway, Finland, Austria, and Iceland.

Here, we have compiled a list of countries that provide free tuition and scholarships.

1. Italy

In addition to the relatively low tuition fees (an average of €1-2 thousand per year).

Many students from all over the world are drawn to Italy by the opportunity to win a scholarship for those who are unable to pay for their tuition.

Furthermore, the cost of lodging is quite low. The applicant, along with a standard package of documents, provides information about his family’s annual income.

The likelihood and size of obtaining a scholarship are determined by income: the lower the income, the more likely it is.

If you are asking the question “which country is easier to get a scholarship?” This is a great option.

2. Czech Republic

In the Czech Republic, education is completely free.

The country is welcoming to international students and it offers the opportunity to study Czech language courses for a year before starting university.

Scholarships are available to foreign students to study the language. The scholarship selection criteria are much simpler than the university admission criteria.

After completing the language year, an entrance examination in Czech is required. You can learn more about language courses on the Czech Ministry of Education’s website.

However, if you ask the question “which country is easier to get a scholarship?” the Czech republic is a great option.

3. France

Because most programs in France are free, you will need to gather documentation.

Only write motivation and recommendation letters for the program and when applying for a state scholarship for living expenses.

Additional scholarships can be obtained from universities and non-government scholarship funds in cases where education is paid.

Furthermore, every foreign student is entitled to a monthly partial compensation for the cost of housing.

If you are asking the question “which country is easier to get a scholarship?” This is a great option.

4. Hungary

The Hungarian Government Scholarship includes preparatory and specialized courses as well as academic degrees (bachelor’s, master’s, and postgraduate).

In addition to the study, the student receives free housing and a monthly allowance of 130-580 euros (depending on the chosen program).

There is an added benefit for citizens of Russia and Belarus (and others): with a scholarship, you can study full-time or part-time.

If you are asking the question “which country is easier to get a scholarship?” This is a great option.

5. China

You must have thought it was only possible to get a scholarship in Europe. But no. With an educational grant, you can also study in Asia for free and in English.

The most well-known Chinese grant is provided by the Chinese government and fully covers not only study but also accommodation. The student receives a monthly scholarship of $500-$600.

However, you will be unable to find work immediately after graduating from university.

Because, under China’s new laws, a working visa is only issued in the presence of two years of experience.

So, either get this experience before entering university or return to your home country for two years after graduation


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