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Dartmouth College, a privately owned institution was instituted in 1769. It has an overall undergraduate admission of 4,410, its background is rural, and the campus mass is 237 acres.

Everything about Dartmouth College

It uses a quarter-based academic calendar. Dartmouth College’s rating in the 2019 version of Best Colleges is National Universities, the number 12. Its training and dues are $55,035 (2018-2019)

About Dartmouth College

Dartmouth College, situated in Hanover, New Hampshire, provides a variety of student activities. Approximately 25 percent of students partake in Dartmouth’s NCAA Division I varsity sports.

Over 90 percent of students live in campus owned houses, which comprises of residence halls, frats and group houses, college-approved coeds, and undergraduate societies.

Additional Information

Approximately 60 percent of students are parts of Greek organizations, which act as the centers of social life at Dartmouth. The Outing Club, one of the oldest and biggest scholastic outing club in the country, is among the most famous student group at Dartmouth, providing outdoor activities, voyages, gear rentals, and courses. Dartmouth is also the hometown of the programming language BASIC.

Dartmouth College also includes the undergraduate arts and sciences and engineering departments and four graduate programs, which comprise the highly rated Tuck School of Business, Thayer School of Engineering, and Geisel School of Medicine.

The Carnegie Foundation has categorized Dartmouth as an institution with “very great research activity.” Over 50 percent of students partake in the many o outside campus programs provided in over 20 countries around the world.

Notable Dartmouth alumni comprise the Theodor Geisel (popularly known as Dr. Seuss), the originator of the television show “Grey’s Anatomy” ShondaRhimes and previous U.S. Secretary of the Treasury Timothy Geithner.

The classic comedy film “Animal House” is lightly grounded on a series of stories from a frat at Dartmouth.

Dartmouth College profile and Data

The school has a total population of about 6, 409, students with a total undergraduate student of about 4,310. The university faculty ratio is 7; the total annual cost is $71,827.

The university’s in-state Tuition fee is $51,468 while the in-state Tuition fee is $51,468. The percentage of financial aid is 62%. The university Grants Aid received is 43,769 dollars, percent Admitted is 11 percent, SAT Composite range is 1350-1560, and ACT Composite range is 30-34.

The university undergraduate tuition is $53,496 for room and a mandatory fee of $17,295, the total amount is $70,791. School of graduate and the advanced studies tuition fee is $53,496, Thayer school of engineering tuition fee is $53,496 and finally, the tuck school Business tuition fee is $72,150.

 School Mission and Unique Qualities

The Dartmouth College situated in Hanover is the least of the 8 Ivy League schools. Established in the year 1769 to train Native Americans, also the Europeans, it created one of the first Native American programs in the country.

Currently, about 40 percent of undergraduates are of color and about 10 percent are not from the U.S. Dartmouth has graduated closely 1,000 Native-Americans, above all the other Ivies joint.

Students listen to Dartmouth’s D-Plan. Semesters are categorized into four ten-week terms that permit undergraduates to devote at least one semester confining, studying abroad, or doing service nationally or globally.

More Details

Dartmouth has approximately 50 undergraduate parts of study and four graduate programs plus the Geisel School of Medicine, titled in honor of Dartmouth alum and philanthropist Theodor Geisel, paying a little more quality to the prefix in his pen name, Dr. Seuss.

Dartmouth’s Thayer School of Engineering has study programs in Thailand, Denmark, Germany, and Hong Kong. The most famous majors are economics, government, and computer science.

60 percent of students take benefit of above 40 study abroad programs. Dartmouth has above 350 clubs and student groups with 60 percent of students partaking in 27 Greek chapters.

The Dartmouth Big Green has thirty-five university teams that contest in the NCAA’s Division I. Dartmouth’s grant of about $5 billion rates it amongst the richest 25 schools in the country.

Famous Dartmouth alumni comprise of poet Robert Frost, Grey’s Anatomy creator Shonda Rhimes, Mr. Rogers’ Fred Rogers and superstar Mindy Kaling, who gave 2018

Academic Life

The university student-faculty ratio at Dartmouth College is 7:1, and the university has 64.5 percent of its classes with less than twenty students.

The most famous course of study at Dartmouth College comprises of Biological and Biomedical Sciences; Social Sciences, Computer and Information Sciences and Care Services; Engineering; and History. The average new student retention rate, an indicator of student improvement is 98 percent.

Cost & Financial Aid

At this university, about 51 percent of permanent undergraduate get some sort of need-based monetary support and the average required scholarship or grant award is $48,772.

Payment for college is not necessarily overwhelming and difficult. Just go to the payment for college knowledge institution to get council on the increasing cash and decreasing amount or make use of the U.S News 529 Finder to select the appropriate college investment account for you

Campus Safety

Campus security statistics were disclosed to the U.S. Department of Education and have not been self-reliantly certified. The statistics for criminal offenses show reports of assumed crimes to campus security and law enforcement authorities, not essentially prosecutions or convictions.

The specialist advises potential students and their families to carry out thorough to gauge the safety of a campus as well as the surrounding area.

Campus Services

Dartmouth College provides a variety of student services, including non-remedial training, women’s institute, placement service, health service, health insurance.

Dartmouth College also gives campus protection and security services like round-the-clock foot and vehicle patrols, late night transport and escort service, round-the-clock emergency telephones, lighted pathways, and sidewalks, orderly dormitory assessment (this includes a key, security card, etc.).

Of the students at Dartmouth College, nearly 21% make use of cars. Alcohol is legalized for students of legal age at Dartmouth College

Dartmouth College Rankings on Forbes

According to the Forbes list, the university is the 9th in private colleges, the number 9th in the research universities, the 7th in the Northeast and finally the 22 America best value colleges


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