Fastest way to immigrate to Canada as a water well driller in 2024/2025

If you’re looking to Immigrate to Canada as a Water Well Driller, you’re in luck!. Water Well Drillers are in demand right across Canada .

immigrate to Canada as a water well driller

For starters, Water Well Drillers are eligible to apply to immigrate to Canada under the Canadian Government’s Immigration program. This is due to the demand for Water Well Drillers in Canada being so great they have included the occupation on the targeted occupations list.  This list is known as the NOC list (National Occupation Code List).

The code for Water Well Drillers on the NOC is 7373

This is great news for qualified Water Well Drillers the world over hoping to live and work in Canada.

Express Entry for Canada is not a visa class at all. It is simply the method (or database) that Canadian Immigration uses to select the right candidates for a permanent residency visa.  And in this case, as a water well driller looking to immigrate to Canada, we’ll be looking at the Federal Skilled Trades visa and Provincial Nominee program.

These folks all over the world are eligible to make an Express Entry for Water Well Driller Canada Residency. This they can do having the right skills, experience and qualifications in their home country.

Tasks to Immigrate to Canada as a Water Well Driller

Water Well Drillers looking to move to Canada to work under this NOC category 7373, might be employed under work titles including:

apprentice water well driller

cable tool driller – water well drilling

churn drill operator – water well drilling

journeyman/woman water well driller etc.

Tasks for those looking to Immigrate to Canada as a Water Well Drillers

Equally water well drillers moving to Canada will be able to demonstrate knowledge or experience of the following:

Review client requirements and proposed locations for water wells.

Operate water well drilling rigs and other equipment to drill, bore and dig for residential, commercial and industrial water wells or environmental assessment, and install well screens, casings and other well fixtures.

Document geological formations encountered.

Clean and disinfect wells in preparation for use.

In addition, they perform routine mechanical maintenance work on water well drilling rigs and equipment

Install, test, maintain and repair water well pumps, piping systems and equipment and perform pumping tests to assess well performance

May provide other drilling services, such as repair or dismantling of existing water well structure, elevator shaft drilling and hydro pole drilling.

Water well drillers may specialize in a specific method of drilling, such as cable, rotary, auger, hammer or reverse circulation drilling.

How to Immigrate to Canada as a Water Well Driller

The first stage in your Canadian immigration process is to calculate your Canada Immigration points for Express Entry using the Canadian Comprehensive Ranking System.

CRS Points are awarded for (amongst other things)



English ability

French ability

Your partner’s skills

Work experience

As well as providing you with important CRS points these factors also count towards your overall Immigration Points score which must equal and also exceed a total of 67

Receiving your ITA

Once you receive an ITA (Invitation to apply), you’ll only have 60 days in which to lodge a formal application. Under no circumstances should you lodge an Express Entry application ‘claiming’ to have certain points without first having all of your points verified. These verifications can be done through different testing, education equivalence certificates and skilled trades assessments.

The process of getting your water well drilling skills, experience and qualifications verified is called Skills Assessment and it serves two purposes.

1. With a positive skills and assessment you’ll also be able to claim the requisite points on both the Express Entry CRS and eventual Federal Skilled Trades application.

2. Your positive skills assessment will also double as your Red Seal qualification and  having your water well drilling skills assessed means that you’ll be qualified to work as a water well driller in Canada from day one.

Occupations on the Canada NOC list can be classed as being ‘in demand’ and the water well drillers code 7373 has been firmly established on the list for many years with lots of opportunities right across the country.



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