FBS and FCS College Football Difference Explained

FBS and FCS are two new terms that surfaced several years ago. These terms were originally named according to the different college  levels.

FBS and FSC Difference

These levels pertain to how well the institution is equipped and funded. If it is well funded, with lots of sports scholarships offered, then most likely it will be classified as Division I.

FBS (Football Bowl Subdivision) is very different and also known initially as Division I-A, conducts a sort of ‘bowl’ for their postseason games.

Its games are less organized in nature. Conversely, for FCS (Football Championship Subdivision), this division concentrates on a sort of playoffs that will end with a grand championship game finale.

Notable Distinctions Between FBS and FCS

1. FBS is also known by its former name, Division I-A, whereas, FCS is known by its previous name, Division I-AA.

2. FBS conducts bowl-style postseason games, whereas the FCS stages a playoff series that makes use of a single-elimination process.

3. The FBS is also governed by a separate body, apart from the NCAA, which is known as the BCS.

4. Although not mandated by the regulating authorities, FBS can give full scholarships to more players compared to FCS.

5. Mandated by the NCAA, FBS has to give full scholarships to 85 players, 22 more than the FCS is allowed to allocate.

6. The FBS postseason is governed by a separate body, apart from and sanctioned by the NCAA, which is known as the BCS.

7. FBS schools can hire one more assistant coach than FCS schools.

8. In the case of the FBS, their authority falls under an independent body ‘the Bowl Championship Series while BCS, authority is above that of the NCAA.

9. FBS is given the choice as to how many partial scholarships they can give in a year’s time. While FCS can also give full scholarships but are limited to only 63.


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