7 Free Travel Opportunities for High School Students in 2024/2025

There are thousands of Free Travel Opportunities for High School Students. All a student needs is to identify these opportunities.

free travel opportunities for high school students

Consider joining a student travel program if you want to accomplish something new, adventurous, and boundary-pushing!

Forget about dull family holidays or traditional high school trips… Why do more of the same when you can do something more meaningful, like traveling abroad?

Here we compiled a list of seven travel companies to help narrow down your options:

Travel Opportunities for High School Students

These are the top companies to look into free travel opportunities for high school students programs. You can’t go wrong with an engaging curriculum in one of the world’s most fascinating locations!

1. Travel for Teens

Travel for Teens, as you might have guessed from the name, is one of the greatest options for students looking to travel!

This provider is a total winner with over 100 distinct programs in 40 countries across five continents.

Travel for Teens, with its motto “travelers, not tourists,” excels at offering an immersive and meaningful experience rather than just a tour.

Community service, outdoor recreation, language immersion, college prep, and photography are among the program types they offer.

2. Academic Programs International

API is well-known in the college study and intern abroad sector, and they recently created “Aspire by API,” an entire segment of the firm dedicated to only high school meaningful travel.

Summer programs are available in the United Kingdom, Spain, France, Ireland, and Italy, as well as summer community service programs in Ecuador, Argentina, and Costa Rica.

Moreso, since API is quite popular among gap year students, if you’re looking for more than just a few weeks of travel, check out their gap year programs in nine locations around Europe and South America!

3. SPI Study Abroad

SPI High School Study Abroad has been taking teen travel programs to new heights for over 20 years by combining four-credit classes with authentic language immersion.

Their mission is to help young kids build genuine skills by combining academics with hands-on cultural and travel experiences.

Students can choose between studying vocabulary and exploring a new region in Spain, France, Italy, Costa Rica, or China.

4. Experiment in International Living

The Experiment in Foreign Living, as the name implies, is a supplier of experiencing international learning for high school students.

Through The Experiment, students can take part in three-to-five-week summer vacations to immerse themselves in a new culture, and language, and discover a different region through hands-on contact with the local community.

For over 85 years, The Experiment has been a leader in high school study abroad, and each of its 32 programs in 26 locations across the world has a unique focus for students to learn from.

With so many alternatives available, there is bound to be one that meets your requirements!

5. American Farm School

Prepare to get your hands dirty with some farm animals!

Since 1904, the American Farm School has concentrated on the agricultural requirements of Greece and the Balkans, and they established the Greek Summer Program in 1970.

High school students spend the summer living with a family in a rural Greek town, learning about agriculture and social concerns affecting refugees via hands-on experiences.

The summer’s climax is the “Big Trip,” in which students take part in an eco-adventure such as trekking Mt. Olympus and sailing past island settlements and gorgeous bays.

Sounds a lot more fun than preparing for the SATs!

6. Campus Education Australia

Campus Education Australia is not merely a program in Australia, despite its name.

CEA has been offering educational programs and homestays for youths in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Austria, Denmark, Switzerland, and, of course, Australia for the past 20 years.

Their primary purpose is to promote cultural understanding and international peace.

Thus, students are exposed to a wide range of cultures, languages, and communities in order to build critical thinking and social awareness skills.

7. Go Beyond Student Travel

Are you looking for something truly worthwhile to do on your summer holiday? With Go Beyond Student Travel, you can travel the world!

This student travel firm emphasizes purposeful travel, thus all trip options include “cross-cultural service adventures,” in which students assist in underprivileged countries while enjoying an exciting “holiday” overseas.

Students can take part in programs like watersports adventure, wildlife stewardship, and hiking and walking.


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