How do I Get a master’s degree in a Different Field?

In this article, we are going to discuss extensively if it is possible to get a master’s degree in a different field.

How do I Get a master's degree in a Different Field?

Determining what field to study when starting your bachelor’s degree can be a frightening task, especially when you’re 18 years old. For most students

They realize that the field they finished their bachelor’s degree in is not the field they would like to pursue a master’s degree.

Though there are master’s degree programs that do not require a bachelor’s degree in the same subject but many, if not all programs, require students to complete prerequisites courses before starting their master’s programs.

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Essential courses are required classes or subjects that must be completed before you can take other coursework in the subject you are studying.

And in this case, the courses are bachelor-level courses that are required in order to provide students with a foundation before they start their graduate degree program.

While each college and program has its own requirements, there are a few master’s programs that are known for accepting students with an out-of-field bachelor’s degree.

The most common is Master’s in Business, Master’s in Counseling Psychology, Master’s in Human Resources, Master’s in Social Work, Master’s in Journalism, Master’s in Nursing, and lots more.

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Investing in your education can seem very intimidating; if you have countless interests, want to change jobs, or are just looking to pursue a career in a more lucrative field, you may wonder whether you can get a master’s degree if your bachelor’s degree is in another field.

Many colleges and universities present academic tracks as straight and narrow paths leading to a handful of careers.

In reality, you have options when it comes to your academic career, and you don’t always need a certain bachelor’s degree to qualify for your intended master’s program.

Whether you’re a first-time student pursuing your dream job or a seasoned business executive looking to branch out into a different field, getting a master’s degree can be a great way to meet your goals in life.

Bachelors and Masters: Re-evaluating Goals

Put into consideration how you were when you earned your bachelor’s degree. In most cases, an 18-year-old student who was unsure of her academic interests or life goals picked a major because she didn’t know what else to do.

Perhaps your bachelor’s degree was the result of pressure from school or parents, or the outcome of a passion no longer present.

Now faced with an unforgiving job market or more realistic life goals, you may realize that you wish to shift your career path.

Or perhaps a professional who has worked for a while may decide that a complete career change is in order, and is looking to master another field.

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This newfound maturity, career goal, or life re-evaluation should be viewed positively and boldly. The New York Times reports that passion and experience are even more important than the actual major

So if you can show passion for and interest in a new field, your undergraduate degree may prove to be less of an obstacle than it may seem.

In most cases, getting a master’s degree in a new field is possible and while someone with a bachelor’s degree from another field may have to take a few courses to qualify for certain master’s degree programs, the career shift can be done.

Prerequisites for a master’s degree

Should you major in business and work toward an MBA or choose a career in cure by majoring in psychology and earning a master’s in the field? If you’re interested in both subjects, then you should feel free to pursue both.

In fact, many schools prefer people from different backgrounds because career paths aren’t homogeneous.

As long as you have a bachelor’s degree at all, most schools will only require certain prerequisites to complete a master’s degree.

What are these prerequisites? The answer depends on your program of choice. Business schools stress strong communication skills, teamwork, and innovative marketing solutions.

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If your background includes a bachelor’s degree in English Literature, then you already possess strong communication skills and possibly teamwork from paper collaboration.

The school may ask you to complete additional coursework in marketing to make up the deficit, but this extra coursework could be worked into your master’s program so that you don’t waste time going back to school for an additional undergraduate degree.

When you talk to your prospective school, ask specifically if you can get a master’s degree if your bachelor’s is in another field, because the admissions adviser will be able to steer you in the right direction.


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