Is Getting Too Many Scholarships a Problem?

If you have been a recipient of many awards, you may be wondering if getting too many scholarships is a problem.

getting too many scholarships

High school students should start applying for scholarships as early as the summer before their senior year, and students as young as 14 can apply for scholarships.

In the 2019-2020 academic year, the average amount of grant and scholarship aid received by four-year college students is $19,654.

This is $7,892 at public universities, $20,374 at non-profit private universities, and $6,922 at for-profit private universities.

What Happens if I Get Too Many Scholarships?

It is extremely rare to have too many scholarships, but it is possible, and if the amount of scholarship money you receive exceeds your cost of attendance, you have several options.

First, if your scholarship funds are sent directly to your university, contact your financial aid office and the scholarship’s provider to see if the scholarship funds can be used for expenses other than tuition and fees.

This could imply that the funds are used to purchase a computer, notebooks, or even rent.

Similarly, if the money is sent directly to you, you can contact your scholarship provider to see if you can use it for expenses other than tuition.

Scholarship providers want to assist students by providing them with free money, so don’t be afraid to contact yours to discuss what to do with the extra funds.

Your school may also send you a refund for any portion of your scholarship award that is not used for tuition.

It is important to note that because this amount is considered income, you will almost certainly have to pay taxes on it.

What is the Easiest Scholarship to Get?

Scholarship opportunities that do not require an essay or other application materials are generally the easiest to apply for.

However, just because the application process is simpler does not mean that these scholarship opportunities are easier to obtain.

Applying for scholarships with narrow, specific applicant criteria is one way to improve your chances of receiving one.

A scholarship for college students, for example, will be available to more applicants than a merit-based financial aid scholarship for computer science graduate students in North Carolina.

Scholarships may have various application requirements such as discipline, school year, ethnicity/race, location, grades, university, and more.

Because the size of scholarships varies greatly, so does the number of scholarships that students apply for. In general, students should apply for as many scholarships as possible.

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