Key Differences Between Studying and Learning

Studying and Learning: First, applying knowledge after understanding and studying it is becoming increasingly important. It is one thing to truly understand a topic but the real test of knowledge is to use all the knowledge that you’ve gained in different real-life situations.

Key Differences Between Studying and Learning

As learning means applying, and applying entails testing that knowledge in a situation, there is a chance of failure. But that’s the beauty of learning — you win some, you lose some, and at the end of the day, you learn from those mistakes. You build experience and skill in this manner.


Key Differences

Second, studying alone is no longer enough in this fast-changing era. There was a time when studying and earning a degree was enough to get you a job. Of course, you’d need some experience for higher-level jobs, but a degree signified that you were “educated” and knowledgeable enough in a given field to do well in the job. If you held a master’s degree, chances are you would climb even higher on the corporate ladder.

This definitely still rings true today; however, a degree is no longer the main and only requirement for getting a job or getting a promotion. These days, experience and transferable skills such as empathy and leadership are increasingly becoming more important. People have to go beyond the classroom and learn other things to keep up.

All this is happening because of the fast development of technological advancements such as machine learning and automation. They’re taking away a lot of repetitive and automated jobs, while we will see an increase in jobs that can support those advancements. This means the current access to learning these future skills is very limited. We need to already have the mindset to learn.

Third, studying and learning is like pushing and pulling. Studying pushes content to your learners, while learning occurs when the learners themselves pull the content they’re interested in learning. A push of content is needed as people may not always be aware of certain topics that might be suited to them.

However, pushing content alone can amount to forcing people to learn something. Therefore, it’s important to also provide enough space for learners to take a look at the content in front of them.  Eventually, pull out the material they believe is relevant to them and their work.

Finally, studying and learning is like understanding content in a passive and active way. You can say studying is about observing and absorbing the content — you understand things in a manner where you do not really engage that much with the topic.




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