Lagos State and Roducate E-learning Devices

In 2020, Lagos State and Roducate distributed e-learning devices to some of its public school secondary school students. By 2021, a year after using the devices, the State recorded a remarkable 79.6% pass rate in that year’s WAEC exams, indicating a 100% improvement. The huge success led the State to deepen its commitment to provide more students with the Roducate e-learning devices.

Lagos State and Roducate E-learning Devices

At an event on Friday, 7th July 2023, the Lagos State Government in partnership with Roducate Limited commenced the distribution of over 18,000 Roducate Ibile e-learning devices to selected public school students within the State.

Roducate Limited, an educational technology company. This collaboration allows Roducate to continue its mission of leveraging technology to provide access to quality education through its Roducate Educational Intervention Devices (REIDs).

The Roducate e-learning devices are equipped with the Roducate application, which provides students with access to curriculum-based content for all subjects. Roducate also offers Life skills training and enables students speak to academic and career counsellors around the clock.

In addition to the Roducate application, the devices come with sim cards and data to access the internet safely. Roducate hosts regular Competitions that award gifts not only to the students who perform excellently but to their teachers and parents as well. The Roducate e-learning devices also comes with solar power banks as an option for students living in remote areas.

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