Law Study Requirements in Ghana for All Students

Law Study Requirements

Law Study Requirements in Ghana for the academic year 2023/2024 are essential criteria that aspiring legal professionals must meet. These prerequisites encompass various aspects, including academic qualifications, standardized test scores, and other essential criteria.

Law Study Requirements in Ghana: In a West African country like Ghana, it is seen as a home to all as it accepts both domestic and international candidates to apply to study law in their Universities.  Ghana offers numerous choices because it has a lot of diverse educational opportunities which has high quality and effective standards due to having many accredited institutions. Ghana has a lower cost of living and education in comparison to some western countries.

They also have high value and respect for traditions, culture which draws so many tourists from different countries to come in other to appreciate the beauty. They have a well structured, organized and working governmental system which helps in providing them with good roads, water supply and other adequate infrastructures giving citizens or foreigners who are there for some reasons the luxury and comfort they deserve.

Most of the degrees offered by Ghanaian Universities are accepted and recognized internationally. Studying law in Ghana does not just make you a normal lawyer, it comes with a complete package which enhances your ability and learning in innovative techniques, traditional insights and also social, political, cultural, historical benefits of law which you will learn through experienced lawyers.

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They will train you in various aspects for example; critical thinking, negotiations, problem solving skills, presentations, team work and public speaking skills which help in completing your bundle of knowledge, prepares you for the real world, making you employable, grounded in diverse knowledge and skills in the profession and differentiates you from other professions.

Alas, there are a lot of beautiful prospective in becoming a lawyer especially the future benefits it encompasses. But there are certain requirements, a person must fulfill in other to be able to study and become a legal practitioner in Ghana.

Admission Requirements To Study Law In Ghana 2023/2024

1. There are fundamental educational qualifications to possess: this includes completing secondary school and passing English, mathematics, a science subject like integrated science or social studies and other related subjects in West African Senior School Certificate (WASSCE). These related subjects are electives in science, business subjects like business management, accounting, costing and business mathematics or general arts. This can also be used for senior Secondary School Certificate Examination (SSCE).

Applicants who are using General Certificate of Education (GCE) Advanced level must have credits in at least five  O’ level  subjects which includes English and Mathematics, in addition to this the applicants must possess three A’ levels in an art or science subject. There are also other categories of applicants whom are within this age bracket ; 25 years and above, they are already mature unlike secondary school students, they are required to have a minimum of five credits in their O’ Level including English and Mathematics.

Some of these individuals may want to apply for a four year part-time law program because of their busy schedule, this entails lesser time and years spent to finish the degree but he or she must have a first degree or there are other instances of applicants for a three year full-time program or applicants admitted on the basis of having gotten a first degree in another course.  A first-degree holder may finish his law program within two; three or even four years depending on the University structure while a WASSCE holder may finish six years which may be in this structured in this way; four years for the degree, then two years to go to a Ghanaian law school. Some Universities may set up entrance examinations and interviews, which helps in selection of successful candidates.

2. The individuals who want to apply must be proficient in English language because this is one of the various ways one can show effective communication, legal drafting and research. Some Universities might also require passing an English language proficiency test in other to admit the individuals or through an internationally recognized test. This is most times required as trustworthy evidence from foreign students or a proficiency document from an accredited institution in their country whose language is TOEFL or English. But students who have a gotten a bachelor’s degree in any recognized Ghanaian University will be seen as proficient in English language.

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3. To be admitted some tests may be set up to examine the individual; Tests like aptitude tests, logical reasoning and general essay writings might be given before admission in other to assess the knowledge and readiness of the individual. These requirements are set according to the standards and discretion of the University the applicants wants to gain admission into.

4. There may be other requirements needed by the school which may be to provide character references and recommendation, interviews or background checks may also come up, this is not to undermine the person but because law is seen as a noble profession, a lot of evaluations will be done to find fit, proper and suitable candidates.  Character references are important in other to admit a person with integrity, good conscience and hard work which is needed in the law profession.

5. Engaging in extra-circular activities will be helpful in showing that you have a strong drive, desire and passion for justice, fairness and equality of human rights. This could also show your strong love and commitment to develop yourself in other areas that will shape your character and life perception as you venture into the legal profession and how you can also use what you have learnt and acquired to positively contribute and change the society.

It builds and grows your network connections, linking and exposing you to various environments and individuals which can enlighten you in unique methods and new information happening in the society. This can establishes a stable platform where you can influence other people’s lives while they can also impact, educate, recommend or even sponsor you financially.

6. Financial capabilities: studying the legal profession opens a lot of opportunities in the real world. But an individual should have the financial capacity and stability to fund his tuition. This is an important factor to put into consideration, it does not end in getting admitted but there are also fees and expenses to be made. This may be gotten from different financial aids, scholarships institutions, bank loans, businesses and sponsorship program.  School fees requirements vary because it is determined by the institution which may be a public or private University.

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7. There are precise grades required for admission into a University offering law, as there is a rising level in the number of candidates applying to study the law, the students are required to make very good and stable grades especially in the main subjects that are important to study law which shows their knowledge and mastery of the subjects.

In conclusion, it is a wise step to take in other to be educated especially in choosing a law degree in a Ghanaian University but to gain admission you have to fulfill some of these criteria listed above but it differs in regards to what the institution wants and accepts. Candidates should show their strong drive to study and become a successful lawyer, their academic qualifications, their positive references and recommendations and their great potential and attitude to be committed and attain great heights in the profession.


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