Most Difficult Sport to Get a College Scholarship in this Generation

One can’t tell specifically the most difficult sport to get a college scholarship but there are quite a few sports with their own unique features.

difficult sport to get a scholarship

Sports that have fewer scholarships available, such as golf, tennis, and gymnastics, may be considered more challenging to get a scholarship for.

Sports that have a high level of competition, such as football and basketball, may also be difficult to get a scholarship.

This can be because of the high number of talented athletes competing for a few scholarships.

What is a Sport Scholarship?

A sports scholarship is financial aid that is awarded to student-athletes based on their athletic abilities.

The scholarship can be used to cover tuition, room and board, and other expenses related to attending college or university.

Athletic scholarships are typically awarded by the school’s athletic department and are often awarded to student-athletes who participate in sports at the NCAA Division I or II level.

Some scholarships are also awarded by private organizations or corporations.

Which is the Most Difficult Sport to Get a College Scholarship?

1. Wrestling

The chance of earning a scholarship in wrestling is 2.7%, with 78 NCAA DI programs offering 9.9 scholarships per team.

64 NCAA DII programs offering 9 scholarships per team, 109 NCAA DIII programs not offering athletic scholarships, 50  programs offering 8 scholarships per team, and 62 Junior Colleges offering 20 scholarships per team.

2. Basketball

Earning a scholarship in basketball is 3.5%, with 337 NCAA DI programs offering.

While 13 scholarships per team, 312 NCAA DII programs offer 10 scholarships per team, and 426 NCAA DIII programs not offering athletic scholarships.

233 NAIA programs offering 18 scholarships per team and 433 Junior Colleges offering 15 scholarships per team.

3. Volleyball

You get a scholarship in volleyball is 3.3%, with 23 NCAA DI programs offering 4.5 scholarships per team.

25 NCAA DII programs offering 4.5 scholarships per team, 107 NCAA DIII programs not offering athletic scholarships, 43 NAIA programs offering 8 scholarships per team, and 41 Junior College teams.

Which Sport is the Easiest to Get a Scholarship?

It can vary depending on the specific college or university and its athletic program, but generally, some easy sports scholarship include;

  • Cross country and track and field
  • Swimming and diving
  • Golf

These sports tend to have more scholarship opportunities available. These sports often have a larger number of roster spots available, which allows for more athletes to be awarded scholarships.

Additionally, many schools have a greater need for athletes in these sports, which can also increase scholarship opportunities.

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