All the Easiest and highest salary paying jobs in 2024/2025

In this article, we will look at the easiest and highest salary paying jobs across various industry and how much comes in.

easiest and high salary paying jobs

All the Easiest and highest salary paying jobs in 2024/2025

To begin, an easy job does not have to be uninteresting or unsatisfying.

Also, an easy career does not have to be completely stress-free.

Which Job is the Easiest and Highest Salary Paying Jobs?

Here is a list of some easy jobs with high salaries:

1. Public Notary

Average salary: $47,000 per year

Notaries public are legal professionals who verify the authenticity of legal documents.

Also, they frequently collaborate with government agencies to ensure that contract signers understand the agreements and are guided as they sign legal documents.

They may also supervise photocopies to ensure that the process is compliant with regulations.

2. Buyer’s Agent

Average salary: $46,100 per year

Purchasing agents, also known as buyers, assist organizations in evaluating potential suppliers and products.

They frequently research various suppliers and services before ordering goods based on price or value.

This is a common job in retail because they schedule orders, review payments, and verify deliveries.

3. Groundskeeper

Average salary: $51,475 per year

Groundskeepers work for a variety of facilities to ensure their health, appearance, and safety.

They frequently mow lawns, pick up trash, and fertilize or plant flowers and gardens.

Basic maintenance work, such as small repairs and inspections, is also commonly performed by these professionals.

4. Accounting Clerk

Average salary: $51,372 per year

Accounting clerks work in offices and provide administrative and accounting support to their employers.

They frequently maintain an office’s financial records, updating them as changes occur and reconciling any payments.

These clerks also conduct basic audits to ensure that all accounting records are accurate.

5. Librarian

Average salary: $51,551 per year

Librarians manage the books and other media in a community library.

Also, They frequently organize their catalogues, ensure that resources are available, and keep the facility clean.

Librarians also host community events or special events at their locations.

This job also includes budget management for the library.


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6. Assessor

Average salary: $50,308 per year

Appraisers assess the overall worth of real estate and objects.

These professionals can work in real estate, inspecting homes and advising sellers on the value of their property.

They also work in insurance to appraise collision damage, as well as in specialty areas such as fine jewellery to estimate the value of damages or metals and gems.

7. Garbage Truck Driver

Average salary: $54,206 per year

Garbage truck drivers operate a variety of waste material vehicles in residential and commercial areas to dispose of garbage. They frequently have set routes where they operate.

They may be required to lift garbage cans or other equipment  for manual removal, as well as ensure the vehicle operates properly, depending on the job requirement

8. Masseur

Average salary: $57,244 per year

Massage therapists work with individuals to perform various massages based on the needs of their clients.

They frequently discuss potential discomfort or other symptoms with their clients in order to tailor the massage to improve their overall health.

These therapists can also make recommendations for patients based on their conditions and perform administrative tasks such as customer list management and payment processing.

9. Word Processing

Average salary: $41,119 per year

Word processors are professionals who type, edit, and print documents for their clients.

Perhaps, they frequently use word processing software to create new documents, mailing labels, and format reports.

These individuals can also perform administrative tasks such as filing and answering  phones, as well as taking notes for their clients during meetings or presentations.

This is one of those jobs that answer the question ‘what is the easiest job but pays a lot?

Now you see that you could still earn this high while you embark on these easy jobs right?


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