Most Expensive and Best Neighborhoods to Reside in Nigeria 2024

Today, we will look succinctly into the most expensive and best neighborhoods to reside in Nigeria, depending on how and where you wish to live.

Most Expensive and Best Neighborhoods to Reside in Nigeria

Nigeria is one of Africa‘s greatest locations to live, because of its pleasant climate, diverse environment, culture, and opportunity.

However, living in Nigeria may be both inexpensive and costly as well.

However, living in Nigeria’s richest communities comes with a hefty price tag.

That is why you find only the rich living there, because they are the only ones that can afford the houses found there.

So, if you know you have enough in your pocket and you want to live in luxurious areas. here are some top ones for you!

Most Expensive Area in Nigeria

Below are lists of the 10 most expensive neighborhoods in Nigeria.

1. Maitama, Abuja

This is the home of many embassies. It is an exclusive area built for the “best of the best” and the top politicians in the country.

2. Banana Island, Lagos

This is a paradise for the world’s elite. It is a secluded area and houses here usually cost up to $2million and above.

3. Ibara, Abeokuta

This is a fast-growing and coveted area for people looking for more value for their money.

4. Alalubosa, Ibadan

Alalubosa has some expensive houses. which eliminate the perceptions of Ibadan being underdeveloped.

5. Lekki Scheme 1, Lagos

This is a nice upper-class area with expensive houses.

6. GRA Phase 2, Port Harcourt

This area has residences that are making oil money. Because of this, it is an area for the elite.

7. Ikeja GRA, Lagos

This is an upper-class area surrounded by lovely but expensive houses.

8. Jabi, Abuja

This is about 30mins from the Abuja airport. this area has some fine houses with a waterfront view underway.

It may soon stand out from other top neighborhoods in the world.

9. Nicon Town

This area is luxurious enough to be featured amongst the most expensive neighborhoods.

The price for houses in this area usually begins at $1.5million.

10. Asokoro, Abuja

This is a secure upper-class area that attracts many millionaires and top government officials.

The houses here are really expensive.



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