NYIF Business Plan Upload Portal 2023: Register for Your Loan

NYIF Business Plan

The NYIF Business Plan Upload Portal for the year 2023 is a vital platform for aspiring entrepreneurs and business enthusiasts. This portal serves as the gateway to access the financial support offered by the Nigerian Youth Investment Fund (NYIF).

The Federal Government has informed us that Applicants can now upload a business plan via www.nyif.nfmb.com.ng portal. This will enable the government to go through your ideas and be sure that you can utilize the loan that will be given to you.

The portal is the official website of the National Youth Investment Fund otherwise known as NYIF Portal. So the correct link where you can go and put your business plan online is www.nyif.nmfb.com.ng application portal.

The Registration Process:

To qualify for the programme, you need to have a plan (business). To do so, visit the NYIF Business registration portal now and make your upload.

The ministry has clearly outlined the procedures to follow for the loan to be given to applicants. Firstly, you need upload your business plan, secondly, you would have to undergo some training and the loan will be disbursed.

If your plan has meet the criteria, you will then be eligible for the Training which precedes the loan being given to you right after that.

  • NYIF Application Form
  • NYIF Portal Login

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