The Best Cybersecurity Courses in the World

How about taking one of the best free cybersecurity courses online and get yourself a new qualification and edge high in the security world?

The Best Cybersecurity Courses in the World

The whole notion of “new normal” sinks in as the effects of the great pandemic affect the global workforce.

Cyber Security Courses for Software Engineers

Cyber Security and Information Security are very important for business in today’s environment, where companies are facing high risk from malware, and other kinds of software viruses and online threats.

It’s also one of the most overlooked areas from programmers, especially from India and South East Asia, where most of the computer engineer wants to go into an application development role.

Also, be aware that any free training will be quite limited.

Let’s dive into some of the best courses to learn cybersecurity basics and advanced technology.

1. The Complete Cyber Security Course

This is one of the most comprehensive courses to learn about Cyber Security in Udemy.

The instructor Nathan’s house is a Cyber Security expert and CEO of StationX, a Cyber Security company.

Nathan has over 25 years of experience in Internet security and worked with both big and small projects worth millions and billions.

This means you will learn cybersecurity details from someone who is both battle-hardened and has real-world experience in dealing with online threats.

This is a very well structured course and covers both basic and advanced topics about Cyber Security and online threats.

More Details

You will learn about Encryption, how data is transferred from one host to others on the internet, and how it can be stolen and changed.

This is volume 1 of 4 of your complete guide to cybersecurity privacy and anonymity course and is ideal for anyone who wants to become an expert in security, privacy, and anonymity.

This volume covers the required foundation building blocks of that skill set.

If you are serious about becoming a Cyber Security expert, then I suggest you join all modules of this course.

Nathan is the master of cybersecurity and he is always open and respectfully answers every question of his students.

About social proof, more than 140K students trust this course and have on average 4.5 ratings from close to 25K ratings which speak volumes about the quality of the course.

2. The Complete Cyber Security Course: Network Security!

In this course, Nathan covers Network Security, Wi-Fi Security, Firewalls, Wire shark, Secure Networking, Password Managers, and other network security-related concepts.

This course is for personal and home cybersecurity, privacy, and anonymity.

Most of the topics apply to a business, but they deliver the course as if to an individual for personal cybersecurity, privacy, and anonymity.

We recommend you watch volume 1 of this complete course before watching this volume (2).

As I have said before, Nathan is an expert in his area and one of the best instructors in Udemy. If you are serious about learning network security, then you should join this course.

3. The Complete Cyber Security Course: End Point Protection

This is actually the 3rd Module of the Complete Cyber Security Course by Nathan House.

In this course, some of the key concepts and skills required to become a Cyber Security Specialist like how to deal with Antivirus & Malware, Disk Encryption, Finding and Removing Malware, trojans, and other kinds of software viruses.

About the social proof, more than 50K students have enrolled in this course and it has on average 4.5 ratings from close to 3K participants.

If you like Nathan House’s teaching style, which I am sure you will, then I strongly suggest you go through all 4 modules of this Cyber Security course and learn in-demand skills and become a Cyber Security specialist.

4. Introduction to Cybersecurity [Codecademy]

If you are a Codecademy fan, then you will be glad to know that they have launched a Cyber Security interactive course where you can learn Cyber Security concepts in a fun way.

In this free Cyber Security course, you will learn the basic concepts needed to identify and protect yourself against common cyber threats and attacks. Cybersecurity Courses

You’ll also learn the basics of network security and how to detect common cyber threats like malware and phishing.

You’ll also gain an understanding of principles and policies, commonly used authentication/authorization techniques, and network security fundamentals.

You will also create a portfolio project to showcase your skill.

If you enjoy learning on the Codecademy platform, then consider joining their Codecademy Pro membership.

This costs around $15.99 per month on a yearly plan and provides access to all the Codecademy content, courses, quizzes, and projects.

5. The Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Cyber Security 1

If you cannot connect to Nathan’s house, then you can look at this course by Alex.

Like you will get to know what a firewall is, how it works, what is malware, how it works, what does cybersecurity guys do, and how they really prevent online attacks and threats.

So, Yeats, an introductory course on Cyber Security and Information Security and that’s why very useful for people aiming to become Cyber Security professionals or Info Security engineers.

This covers cyber security concepts such as tracking, malware, firewalls, worms, phishing, encryption, biometrics, BYOD, and more.

Cybersecurity Courses

6. The Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Cyber Security 2

This is the second part of the previous course by Alex oni.

You learn about cybersecurity basics and you will explore networking, malware, encryption, VPNs, privacy, Email Security, and Social Engineering. Cybersecurity Courses

This course will provide you with knowledge and tools to not only better protect yourself against malware and other cybersecurity threats but also prepare you for a career in the cybersecurity field if you so wish.

You will learn the latest techniques in the world of cyber-security and understand how security technologies work behind the scenes.

Finally, I strongly recommend both modules of this course for anyone who wants to become a Cyber Security or Information Security professional.

7. Cyber Security — Go From Zero to Hero 

You will learn entire networking related to Cyber security and terminologies like a threat, vulnerability, incident, management, attacks, exploits, events.

You will also learn and understand different roles in Cybersecurity like CISO, CISM, CISA, Penetration Tester, Incident Response Teams, etc.

This Cybersecurity Courses is great for Cyber security enthusiasts who are looking for a perfect start in Cyber Security and beginners.

Once you move ahead in this course, you will get a simple idea about what cyber-security is. They structure this course in such a way that you will enjoy and learn along the way.

8. Cybersecurity Specialization Coursera

First, Coursera has a great course to learn Cyber Security, which is offered by the University of Maryland, the Cybersecurity Specialization.

Cybersecurity Specialization covers the fundamental concepts underlying the construction of secure systems.

From the hardware to the software to the human-computer interface, with the use of cryptography to secure interactions.

This Specialization contains the following courses —

1. Usable Security

2. Software Security

3. Cryptography

4. Hardware Security

5. Cyber Security Capstone Project

They also analyze these concepts with examples drawn from modern practice and augmented with hands-on exercises involving relevant tools and techniques.

Successful participants will develop a way of thinking that is security-oriented, a better understanding of how to think about adversaries, and how to build systems that defend against them.

That’s all about some of the best courses to learn about Cyber Security in 2021.

This is probably the best time to become a Cyber Security Expert, and these courses will help you a lot.

Thank you for going through Cybersecurity Courses.

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