The NECO GCE Examination 2023/2024 Update


Evidently, NECO oversees the NECO GCE examination. Also, it conducts the General Certificate in Education in December/January.

The NECO GCE Examination 2023/2024 Update

First, NECO simply means The National Examinations Council. Also, it is an examination body in Nigeria. And they conduct the Senior Secondary Certificate Examination on June/July.

The November NECO GCE  Exam is not yet out. Thus, pay attention as you read through.

NECO GCE  Registration

The registration for the NECO GCE  always begins as early as August. And the late registration is from October to Nov

Also, the examination is often held from November to December

NECO GCE Time Table 

Firstly, it is important you pay attention to this information. However, all candidates are to note that the National Examination Council has not yet released the updated version of the Timetable for the examination.

Also, the examination is usually falling this November . However, there is no recent update on the examination timetable.

Thus, the National Examinations Council has neither allowed any person/agent or institution to register candidates on behalf of the Council.

Moreso, no registration should be permitted on a parallel. Also, no use of a different website other than

Thus, the public is not to have any transaction outside the regulations of the Council. Contrary to this, the Council will take no responsibility for the consequences.

Registration: Application Process

When the application begins, follow the instructions below to register:

1. Create an Account

You can create an account by visiting Also, by clicking the register link.

2. Activate Your Account

You will receive an activation email. Then, follow the instructions in the email to activate your account.

However, sometimes the email might end up in your spam folder. As such, check your spam folder.

3. Login

Again, visit Use your registered email and password to login.

4. Make Payment

Note this after logging in. You can make payment for SSCE external examination. And if your payment is successful, they will issue you a four-figure table token(s).

5. Locate a Registration Point

Also, to register, visit any of the approved cybercafes operator’s registration points. Or, visit to help you locate one near you.

6. Register Offline

Also, you can register by providing your information, including pictures, fingerprints, and subjects you wish to sit for.

7. Print Your Photo-Card

Additionally, provide your token to upload your data. Once the system verifies your token, they will issue you a photo card with your registration number and details.


In order to upload candidates’ data to the NECO portal online and get examination numbers, a candidate must go through registration.

Also, the candidate must either have an online account or have it created for him or her by a cyber café.

More so, he or she is to log in to the created account. And this helps to purchase registration token (s). This is important because scratch cards are no longer used for SSCE External registration.

Other Important Information

Regarding the NECO GCE,  below are some important information you should know:

1. Candidates should confirm the specific Venues for Oral French, Arabic, and Stenography I and IV from NECO State Office where they are sitting for the examination.

2. Also, candidates should come along with their Computer/Laptop for Stenography, Paper I and IV to the specified venue.

3. The Nigerian languages like Hausa. Igbo and Yoruba include the Literature aspect.

4. Also, blind candidates are to sit for the examination in their respective NECO State Offices. And they are to make use of the supplied Braille Sheets.

5. Also, the albinos and blind candidates are to be given 30 minutes extra time across all papers.

6. Additionally, there is no use of a scientific calculator.

7. Also, there is no use of a programmable calculator.

8. Furthermore, no use of GSM in the examination hall.

9. However, for Technical Drawing I and IV, candidates should come with their drawing instruments and materials.

With the above information, registering for the NECO GCE examination should not be a problem anymore.



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