Top 10 Companies with Unique Employee Perks

Here is a list of top 10 companies with unique employee perks followed by an employee quote summarizing the benefits:

Top 10 Companies with Unique Employee Perks

1. Campbell Soup Company

Perks at the company forever immortalized by Andy Warhol include 100% healthcare coverage, free flu shots, and on-site fitness centers.

As you might expect from a food company, healthy meal options in the cafeteria are subsidized and healthy cooking lessons are on offer too.

Campbell also aims to make life easier for employees who are parents, providing daycare centers.

2. Hootsuite

We’ve all experienced that post-lunch energy slump… so just imagine working for an employer where the desire to close your eyes and have a doze isn’t only tolerated, it’s actually encouraged.

Whether you’ve had a heavy lunch, or last night’s overindulgence and late bedtimes catching you up, Hootsuite’s converted police station office comes equipped with a nap room.

3. Chesapeake Energy

Energy is the keyword here… Chesapeake Energy, one of the US’s biggest natural gas producers, provides employees with an on-site 72,000 square foot fitness.

Physical trainers are on hand to help employees get the most out of them – and Chesapeake also offers free SCUBA certification to all its employees!

4. Akraya

For people who dread the moment, they finally have to get the vacuum out, this fast-growing IT staffing and the consulting firm might be the ideal place to work.

The company’s keen to help employees achieve work-life balance.

So rather than having employees worrying about not having time to stay on top of their housework.

5. Burton

Where do we begin with this iconic snowboard company? It makes sure it helps employees live up to its carefree company culture. perks and benefits include in-house yoga sessions, an annual holiday party, summer BBQs, and… an annual mountain cleaning day.

6. Microsoft

It’s not that surprising to see Microsoft make our list – after all, it topped Comparably list of large companies with the best perks.

It also took top honors in the summer on Just Capital’s list of 100 U.S. companies.

Perks include health cover, flexible work schedules, and childcare plus an extensive network of social clubs.

7. Facebook

Also making an appearance on Comparably’s list is Facebook. It took second place on the large companies list (and actually won it last year).

8. Google

Free food on campus; a gym with free workout classes; celebrity talks; cooking classes; massage therapists the list of perks available at Google is undeniably impressive.

While some might be a bit on the quirky side, Google also demonstrates the value of sensitivity to supporting families of employees in the darkest of times too, offering an amazingly generous death benefit by paying a deceased employee’s spouse or partner 50% of their salary for 10 years.

9. Hubspot

There are a whole host of perks available at Hubspot to cater to a comprehensive range of employee preferences.

Unlimited holidays, flexible working that fits around other commitments, wellbeing initiatives plus four weeks extra paid leave for every five years an employee is with Hubspot.

The leave can be used in absolutely any way an employee wants.

A love of learning is encouraged with tuition reimbursement for many types of courses including university degrees.

The company also aims to support parents or those who know they might want to become one in the future with generous parental leave and assistance with the financial costs of egg freezing.

10. Amazon

On top of the more mainstream benefits, Amazon offers perks like assistance with adoption costs and the ability to earn extra time off on top of the standard allowance.

And hourly paid employees are allowed to get support in their future career with the company’s innovative ‘Career Choice’ program offering to prepay 95% of the cost of tuition, textbooks, and related fees.



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