Top 10 Countries with the Best Education System

The Countries with the Best Education System are ranked based on a perception-based global survey, which used compilation of scores from equally weighted countries’ attributes:

countries with the best education system

Well-developed public education systems would consider attending university there and providing top-quality education.

Countries With the Best Education System in the World

Below is the list of the top 10 countries with the best education systems in the world.

10. Netherlands

The number ten-ranked country in last year’s World Top 20 Poll, the Netherlands drops one spot to number 11 in this year’s pre-poll selection.

A mainstay in the annual rankings, the Netherlands Primary, and especially Secondary in-school student rankings keep them relevant as we start the year.

If their international test scores in Math, Science, and Reading can improve for both these age groups, the Netherlands should end the year above their last year’s rankings.

9. Belgium

Belgium may have the world’s most complex education system. Their system consists of three different communities – Flemish, German, and French-speaking. Yet, they rank 9th and 4th in teacher-to-student ratio for Primary and Secondary grades, and 5th and first for in-school student enrollment for Primary and Secondary age students.

Pair that with their having the world’s third-highest early-childhood enrollment rates (98%), there is no way, they should not be ranked in the top 20 at the end of the year.

8. Germany

Germany a world power in economic and social justice. Faces another year of trying to break back into the World’s Top 10, in education development.

After finishing out of the Top 10, for the last two years, Germany has another major challenge in making it to a Top 10 finish in 2017.

7. China

China, unlike Germany, finished 2016 in the Top 10 (number 9). However, they have a tough challenge in repeating that accomplishment in 2017.

Their major obstacle will be to improve, their early childhood enrollment rates. Every year, this has to prevent them from making a top-five finish. Let us hope they invest more in every child.

6. Singapore

Singapore is the world’s best test-taking country. Year in, and year out, their Primary and Secondary international test scores in Math, Science, and Reading are among the highest and were the best in 2016. Yet, the number of Primary and Secondary children in school is not impressive.

They failed to rank in the top 20 in both areas. This is where their country’s lack of investment in education for every child makes them vulnerable in their economic and social growth.

It will also be interesting to see, if this year, they will make a Top 5 finish, with the Poll’s five new educational indicators.

5. Portugal

Portugal is one of the countries with the best education system. it is always between. Good, Average, or Below Average. In last year’s preselection poll, they were projected to finish in the top 20, however, they did not qualify.

This year, they are projected to finish 16th. Which would be, their highest ranking ever. With the world’s second-highest number of Primary, age children in school, and the sixth-best teacher-to-student ratio for Secondary school. Portugal has their best chance since 2015 to make the final 20 rankings.

4. Hungary

Hungary’s education system was ranked 20th in the world last year. With the 5th highest teacher-to-student ratio for Secondary age school, their chances to finish higher this year is almost guaranteed. The only drawback is they have a very low higher education graduation rate (32%).

3. Estonia

Estonia is the 8th country from Northern Europe to make the rankings. Just missing out on last year’s top 20. Their country has the world’s highest Primary age completion rate for students.

An opportunity to improve this year, will depend on how well their international test score is for those Primary age students as they enter Secondary education.

2. France

France had the highest early childhood enrollment rate in last year’s poll, which increases their chances to finish in the top 20 again. More interesting is the fact, France has the world’s 4th highest number of Primary age students in school.

If the new Government Leadership continues to invest in its education system, France can be a Top 10 country in education by 2020.

1. United States

Can you see a shake-up is coming? No doubt, the United States Government is in a transition stage. The US finished a surprising 7th in last year’s rankings. The best since the 70s.

Early indicators seem to suggest the US, will be reorganizing itself, towards more public   funding towards charter schools and breaking up teachers’ unions. Next year this time, we will know those results.

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