Top 10 Hardest College Majors You Should Know in 2023/2024

Students will graduate from their undergraduate years with a focused degree, as the hardest college majors tend to be in highly specialized fields.

Top 10 Hardest College Majors You Should Know

Employers who are looking for people who have finished targeted academic training frequently reward this kind of dedication.

Even if they don’t work in that sector, students who pursue these challenging disciplines may find that perhaps the hard effort pays off.

Some people, on the other hand, take delight in studying the most challenging majors. For these students, the question is: what are the hardest college majors?

Hardest College Majors

The following is a list of the hardest college majors in no particular order.

1Petroleum Engineering

Petroleum engineering students study and perform coursework for about 18 hours and 24 minutes per week.

Students in this engineering program study everything there is to know about oil and gas extraction and production which is the hardest college majors.

Properties of petroleum fluids, energy and the environment, reservoir geomechanics, calculus, geology, chemistry, physics, and petrophysics are some classes that are necessary for a degree in petroleum engineering.

2. Astronomy

Astronomy majors are some of the hardest college majors. Students of this major spend over 18 and a half hours a week preparing for class.

The study of celestial objects (such as planets, asteroids, and stars), as well as related phenomena such as supernovae and black holes, is referred to as astronomy.

Physics, calculus, computer science, astrophysics, cosmology, and planetary geology are often required courses for this degree.

3. Business and Management

We emphasize accounting and finance degrees in business school when we talk about business degrees. Because these degrees are heavily reliant on quantitative methods, students regard them as one of the hardest college majors to complete.

You spend a great deal of time studying here. You’ll also have to take a lot of tests, and many students struggle to maintain a good GPA.

Students view business and Management as a major that prepares you to be a boss. As a result, you don’t expect it to be simple.

Using quantitative analysis to make managerial decisions, as well as a lot of reading, will be part of your four-year college education.

Finance, administration, human resources, and business skills are just a few of the topics covered in this category.

Graduates of this program find work in logistics firms. They can also work in administrative positions, network systems, and as accountants.

4. Social Sciences

Sociology, anthropology, history, and political science are all topics covered in this field. Because a title can encompass a wide range of topics, social science is undoubtedly one of the hardest college majors.

Students with a wide range of academic and research interests who want to graduate with a wide range of career options should pursue social science degrees. “Hardest College Majors”

A bachelor’s degree in social sciences gives a unique and diversified liberal arts academic foundation. Graduates can pursue careers in journalism, politics, and sociology, among other professions.

5. Environmental Earth Science

Environmental Earth Science majors look at environmental challenges from a multidisciplinary perspective.

Biology, chemistry, ecology, geology, and physics are just a handful of the disciplines they study and the hardest college majors. They should feel at ease working in both labs and in the field.

One of the environmental employment alternatives after earning an undergraduate degree is to become a geoscientist.

Geoscientists are scientists who study the entire Earth, including its physical structures, geologic history, and geological processes.

More than one-fourth of geoscientists work in architectural, engineering, and related services, with an average annual salary of $93,580. (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2021).

6. Nuclear Engineering

Students with a bachelor’s degree in nuclear engineering will be familiar with nuclear processes and systems, as well as their human and environmental consequences.

This degree, together with passing the Professional Engineering Licensure Exam for Nuclear Engineers, qualifies a person to work for a nuclear power plant. “Hardest College Majors”

They may be entrusted with monitoring nuclear processes, suggesting system redesigns, and ensuring compliance with established norms and standards.

Nuclear engineers earn an average of $116,140 per year (US Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2021), which is much more than the $96,310 average annual income for all engineers (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2021).


7. Applied Mathematics

An applied mathematics major will study disciplines like algebra, calculus, and statistics, which are all computational in nature.

They will evaluate data, solve problems, and assist individuals, corporations, and governments in their decision-making processes, which makes it one of the hardest college majors

Engineering, healthcare, financial services, and technology are some of the job opportunities for applied mathematics degrees.

The federal government employs the majority of mathematicians in the United States, paying them $115,830 per year (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2021).

Mathematicians and statisticians make $44.85 per hour on average, or $93,290 per year (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2021).

8. Legal Studies

An individual who majors in legal studies can pursue employment in law, law enforcement, and public policy. They’ll study how legal systems and processes work, as well as the variables that influence them.

They’ll also improve their research, writing, and organizing skills, which will help them accomplish their professional duties.

Following graduation, students may choose to pursue a career in law and take the National Conference of Bar Examiners’ bar exam (NCBE)

Aside from becoming a lawyer, a paralegal or legal assistant is another frequent career path for someone with this major. This career role pays roughly $52,920 per year in the United States (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2021).

9. Fine Arts

Yes, Fine Arts is one of the hardest college majors to pursue. This is due to the extensive quantity of curriculum, which includes lessons in painting, acting, sculpting, printmaking, and more.

Fine arts majors spend all of their time in the studio preparing for a profession in the arts, which is usually particular to the student’s chosen field of study (for example, someone with a painting focus might pursue a career as an illustrator). “Hardest College Majors”

Students who are passionate about art will succeed in this setting, but students who prefer rational, concrete academics may struggle with the subjective processes involved in fine arts.

10. Electrical Engineering

Electrical engineering is a large field, and students studying it takes a variety of engineering courses in order to prepare for it. This degree prepares students to design and test electrical equipment.

Circuits, robotics, thermodynamics, and communication systems are all covered in the course.

Electrical engineering students, as one might imagine, take a lot of math and science classes, particularly physics, calculus, and computer science.

Electrical engineering is one of the hardest college majors because of its emphasis on math and science. This degree may be especially difficult if those classes aren’t your greatest strength.


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