Top 14 Mobile App Development Companies in Nigeria for 2023

Mobile App Development Companies

As we delve into 2023, the top 14 mobile app development companies in the country have established themselves as industry leaders. These companies are known for their creativity, technical expertise, and commitment to delivering cutting-edge mobile solutions.

Top 14 Mobile App Development Companies in Nigeria: A mobile application is a computer program that runs on a mobile device such as a phone, or tablet.  Mobile apps are usually separated from desktop programs, which run on PCs, and web applications, which operate on mobile web browsers rather than directly on the device. Apps were created to help people be more productive in areas like email, calendars, and contact databases, but public demand prompted rapid expansion into other areas like mobile games, factory automation, GPS and location-based services, order tracking, and ticket purchases, resulting in millions of apps now available.

Nigeria has seen a mobile revolution as the use of smartphones and tablets has continued to climb. People are increasingly seeking mobile solutions, which is fueling the expansion of the mobile app development sector. Nigeria has seen a mobile revolution as the use of smartphones and tablets has continued to climb. People are increasingly seeking mobile solutions, which is fueling the expansion of the mobile app development sector. Mobile applications are being used by businesses to reach out to clients and boost brand awareness.

People are increasingly looking for mobile solutions, boosting the mobile app development industry’s growth. Mobile applications have become an important part of our everyday lives, whether we’re running a business or just going about our regular routines. Apps for Android and iOS currently account for the majority of the app industry. In Nigeria and other African nations, there are now a big number of mobile app development businesses.

Top 14 Mobile Application Development Companies In Nigeria

1. Pixie Technologies: Pixie technologies is a mobile app development firm situated in Lagos, Nigeria, that specializes in user experience design and mobility, developing value-added mobile apps for a variety of platforms tailored to the customer’s individual needs.

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In-game app development, custom mobile app development, mobile website development, widget development, mobile interface design, mobile apps with GPS, Google map, and GPRS technologies, scalable, robust, interactive, and user-friendly design, and mobile apps for social media, business, and finance are some of their core specialties.

2. Hyperlink InfoSystem: Hyperlink InfoSystem has extensive expertise producing mobile applications throughout the world, providing development services for a wide range of industries. They specialize in providing bespoke solutions for unique company objectives with a professional team of developers.

They have a lot of expertise in designing cost-effective, cutting-edge mobile-based applications. Their highly qualified team of specialists gives world-class services and solutions to their clients while ensuring great returns on their investments. Their unique attention to customers’ goals and sense of ownership over each project enables them to provide the best and most inexpensive services.

Line of Business: AI Research and Development, App Development for Android, App Development for Augmented Reality, The Internet of Things (IoT), App Development for Mobile Devices, Unity 3D Game Development, UI-UX Design, App Development for Wearables, Web Development, and Web Design.

3. Cittrex: Cittrex is a well-known mobile app development business in the United States. Since its inception, the IT firm has consciously positioned itself as a leading developer of mobile applications, with specialization in platforms such as iPads and iPhones (iOS) using Objective C, Android Phones (OS2.x) using J2ME, Blackberry (RIM) using J2ME, and Windows Phones (Win 7) using C# and Objective C.

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4. Viratec: Viratec is a Nigerian firm that specializes in application development, software development, and payment solutions. They bring the newest creative and technology trends to Nigeria by leveraging their knowledge and skills with the world’s leading partners with decades of software development experience.

Imaginative and creative payment solutions focused on quality and timely delivery, cost-cutting, and efficiency will be used to alter the Nigerian payment environment. Mobile App Development and UI-UX Design are two of their service lines.

5. Bemasapp: Bemasapp’s purpose is to use digital to supplement the analog environment. Bemasapp creates integrated brand experiences that help individuals achieve their goals. They establish a connection, boost conversion, improve usage, and generate new income sources.

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They create and advertise one-of-a-kind experiences that provide value to both individuals and companies. Mobile App Development and UI-UX Design are two of their service lines.

6. Ynet Interactive Ltd: They specialize in world-class bespoke web and mobile app development, as well as web-hosting, consulting, and nearly any other online or programming-related service. They give ample legroom and space for their staff to work in a stress-free atmosphere.

Their development services assist customers in identifying new company prospects. Mobile App Development, UI-UX Design, Web Design, and Web Development are some of the services they offer.

7. Siscomedia: Specializes in the development of online and hybrid mobile applications. They work to the specifications and pleasure of the client. Their fundamental values are a set of concepts that influence every decision they do as a company or as people inside it.

A clear aim, a lofty goal, and the desire to achieve it regardless of the circumstances or hurdles encountered along the route. Internet Marketing, Mobile App Development, SEO, UI-UX Design, Web Design, and Web Development are some of the services the offer.

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8. SoftBlue: SoftBlue’s objective is to equip Africa with the greatest software development solutions and a tuition fee payment engine. They seek to create the greatest online apps possible using cutting-edge technologies. The demonstrated performance in marketing and publishing definitely aids in increasing the return on client investments.

They make an effort to bring persons and organizations together, as well as good ideals and new ideas, to their city and its residents. Mobile App Development, UI-UX Design, Web Design, and Web Development are some of the services they offer.

9. SQT Web Solutions: They offer internet solutions that allow your business to reach out to clients rather than waiting for them to come out to you! They recognize that customer happiness is critical to achieving our aim, thus they have made it a priority to provide projects that will make our clients happy.

They are a group of extremely competent individuals that are devoted to developing some incredible-looking apps that can withstand the harshest situations. Mobile app development, SEO, and UI-UX design are some of the services they offer.

10. Bluedel: They are enthralled by technology and invest much in research and development to increase their current skills. They create powerful IT and security solutions by using their knowledge and partnerships with the world’s biggest firms. Their in-house user experience designers will understand your requirements and target audience.

Their team of skilled mobile application developers is utilizing their knowledge of your requirements. Mobile App Development, SEO, UI-UX Design, Web Design, and Web Development are some of the services they offer.

11. Big Field Digital: One of the top mobile app development businesses in Nigeria is Big Field Digital, which is based in the city of Ibadan. Dynamic IT expert, a driver for corporate change, and founder and CEO of Big Field Digital is Adeniyi Moses Adetola. Big Field Digital is a digital agency in Nigeria that provides services for creating websites, mobile apps, and digital marketing.

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Their digital marketing and software engineering services are targeted at attaining corporate objectives in the twenty-first century. They are on top of things, timely, and well-documented. Big Field Digital is exceptional in terms of professionalism, care for the little things, and level of service. They develop mobile apps of the highest caliber.

12. Ceped Institute Of Information Technology: Ceped Institute of Information Technology has several locations. Nevertheless, its headquarter is in Ibadan, Nigeria. Ceped Institute of Information Technology was founded in 2016 with the specific goal of modernizing information technology.

While continuing to offer services to company owners, Ceped has subsequently developed into an autonomous information technology institute. Leading the way in training services, digital marketing, branding, creative design, mobile app development, and web design and development. Ceped Institute of Information Technology has developed platforms that give excellent user experiences and function optimally across a variety of devices, enabling businesses to succeed.

13. Weprototype Technologies: WePrototype Technologies is an app innovation studio situated in Nigeria for non-tech founders who want to create cutting-edge solutions that will stay ahead of the competition in a crowded industry. They continue to be the top option for creators seeking to achieve product-market fit without creating their in-house IT team and spending money.

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This is true of their design quality as well as their post-launch assistance. They assist startups that have received angel investment. It is a business that focuses on creating effective products for start-ups that require a warranty. The team is made up of seasoned Software Engineers, including Full stack developers, Front-end developers, Mobile developers, back-end developers,  Web developers,  User Experience/User Interface experts (UI/UX), Business Analysts, Graphic Designers, and other auxiliary personnel.

14. Special Man Global Solutions: Special Man Global Solution LTD is a well-known supplier of software development services in Lagos, Nigeria. They are experts at developing experiences for individuals, groups, and businesses. Special Man Global Solution offers a wide range of services, including game development, web development, custom IT solutions, mobile app development,  blockchain projects, chatbots, e-commerce solutions, and AI services.

They consider that technology is a tool that can make businesses and operations simpler and more efficient. As a result, their profession often requires them to interact with people (Customers) who share their desire to use technology for progress and good.  When it comes to project execution, their main priority is to make sure the project meets the needs of the consumers in terms of success and functionality.


The number of companies providing mobile app development services in Nigeria has increased in recent years. as a result of the growing demand for mobile applications. However, not every one of them provides the same degree of service as a top-tier developer. As a consequence, you must choose a mobile app development partner with utmost caution.

A high level of price sensitivity might jeopardize the company’s whole functioning. And if the job is large or time-sensitive, you should never hire a freelancer to do it. My sole piece of advice is to do your homework on the app development business or organizations you’ve picked for your app project: look at their portfolio of applications, the range and complexity of their apps, the overall design, and so on.


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