Top 5 Best Free VPN To Use in 2024/2025

The best free VPN services are mostly ‘free versions’ designed to give you a taste of a paid product before asking you to pay. Surf shark VPN is one of the best providers.

Best Free VPN

Below are the top best free VPN in 2022

1. Surfshark VPN 

Surfshark VPN is the number one best free VPN you should look out for.

Also, Surfshark is a widely used VPN software that restricts your Internet service provider (ISP) from eavesdropping on your connection, making your browsing private, and hiding your IP address to ensure that your online activities are not tracked.

Interestingly, it supports unlimited devices at home or in the office. It is also available for Windows, Android, iOS, Mac, and Linux.

In addition, Surfshark VPN can be highly beneficial for individuals, particularly professionals who work from home and require a secure cybersecurity connection.

It is also helpful for businesses because it supports unlimited devices per plan. It also includes features such as CleanWeb, which blocks malicious Ads, malware, and phishing attempts.

Interestingly, you can also purchase a separate antivirus plan to protect your devices for an additional fee.

However, Surfshark may not be the best option for you or your company if you require a dedicated IP address.

Numerous VPN service providers offer comparable features and dedicated IP addresses at reasonable prices.

Overall, Surfshark VPN is an excellent service that excels in all critical areas.

Also, its streaming results are a standout feature, and even if you’re already using a paid VPN for unblocking, Surfshark VPN may be worth installing as a backup.

2. Proton VPN Free

Proton VPN Free is currently at the top of our Best Free VPN rankings. This is partly because of its well-balanced mix of features, power, and app quality. But it’s also because the service doesn’t hammer you with limits and restrictions to entice you to upgrade.

This is a free VPN that you could use indefinitely. For example, there are no data limits with Proton.

While almost all other free VPNs limit you to 500MB-10GB per month, Proton VPN Free allows you to use it as much as you want.

That’s convenient, but it’s also beneficial to your privacy because you don’t have to pick and choose where you use the VPN when your data is running low.

If you believe there is a risk or are unsure, simply connect to Proton VPN Free.

Also, some free VPN services pull the kill switch, WireGuard, and even support, but Proton VPN Free includes all the crucial privacy features you need to stay safe online.

There are still significant restrictions. You can only access three locations: the United States, the Netherlands, and also Japan.

However, you can install Proton VPN on as many devices as you want; you can only connect one at a time.

There’s no access to Proton VPN’s specialized streaming servers, no P2P support, and no bonus features like ad and malware blocking unless you upgrade to a premium plan.

This does not prevent Proton VPN Free from performing its primary function admirably.

Interestingly, its well-designed, open-source, and audited apps are simple and packed with valuable tweaks, tools, and technologies.

The service also topped our free VPN speed charts with 380Mbps, which is faster than some paid services.

3. PrivadoVPN Free

PrivadoVPN Free may not have made it to the top of our list, but keep reading: the service has some unique and valuable features that may make it your preferred provider.

For example, the company cannot compete with Proton VPN’s unlimited data plan, but its 10GB monthly allowance is sufficient for many.

However, even if the data faucet runs dry, you can still access complete data through an ’emergency server.’

Also, it has a single location in the Netherlands, with speeds limited to 1Mbps, which is excellent to have as a backup and a feature that the rest of the limited-data competition doesn’t have.

That first 10GB of data is also superior to many. Most competitors, including Proton VPN Free, are outmatched by the choice of 12 locations spread across nine countries. Once connected, speeds are another highlight, with PrivadoVPN ranking second in our free VPN performance charts at 350Mbps.

The genuine surprise here is PrivadoVPN Free’s unblocking performance. Unlike the other free VPN world, PrivadoVPN provides free and paid customers access to the same streaming servers.

However, the service has some flaws and limitations. PrivadoVPN Free allows for one connection; if you install it on your laptop and phone, you can only use one at a time.

Interestingly, the apps are solid and dependable but fall short of Proton’s features. The company’s privacy credentials have not been independently audited.

4. Windscribe Free

Windscribe Free VPN is a high-quality Canadian service with an appealing feature set that more than justifies its top-three ranking.

The data allowance is slightly lower than our top two VPNs, at 10GB per month. However, that is sufficient to protect most online activities, and Windscribe Free VPN has its advantage as compensation.

Although most free plans limit you to one connection, Windscribe has no such restrictions: you can install and use it simultaneously on as many devices as you need.

Also, another highlight is the network, with Windscribe Free VPN users able to choose from 14 locations in 11 countries. That outperforms PrivadoVPN Free, Proton VPN, and many others.

In our most recent tests, speeds were around 240Mbps. That’s only two-thirds of what we saw with Proton VPN Free, but it should suffice in most cases.

Interestingly, the apps are designed for power rather than simplicity, and if you’re new to VPNs, they may appear confusing in some areas.

However, they are not challenging to use on a basic level, more experienced users have access to various tools and features, and our tests show that they are reliable and deliver on their promises.

5. Atlas VPN Free

Atlas VPN Free first drew our attention with its generous data allowance.

Not the 10GB it provides with its Windows VPN, Android VPN, and iOS VPN, though that is adequate; this is all about Mac VPN users, who can use an impressive 2GB per day.

Although the service isn’t as accommodating with its locations. There are only three of them: the Netherlands, Los Angeles, and New York.

However, you can connect two devices simultaneously, and our speed tests revealed that Atlas VPN Free achieved an above-average 320Mbps. With P2P support, Atlas could be an excellent torrenting option.

They cover the fundamentals, and the results are satisfactory. However, they fall short in features, have minor usability issues, and cannot compete with Proton VPN.

The service does have an independent audit, which puts it ahead of many competitors. However, it is also relatively limited, as it only covers the iOS app. Meanwhile, Tunnel Bear Free VPN now conducts annual audits on its apps, servers, infrastructure, and other systems.

In other areas, Atlas VPN Free outperformed our expectations. It doesn’t support unblocking any streaming sites, for example, but we used it to get into Disney Plus, and maybe you’ll have better luck with other sites.


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