Top Apprenticeship Companies You Should Know

Apprenticeship was formerly for those that are into trades and advanced manufacturing. Today apprenticeship companies focus on technical knowledge and all

Top Apprenticeship Companies You Should Know

The present status of the technology industry has generated a thriving market for tech apprenticeships. Many employment criteria are changing as technology reshapes the globe.

Employers, trainees, and entire sectors may all profit from technical apprenticeship programs.

But first I will begin by telling you what apprenticeship is all about.

What is an Apprenticeship?

An apprenticeship is a training period that helps you hone a skill set or deepen a knowledge base, and is paid.

It can be an incredible experience for anyone that is just starting or looking to make a big career change.

Here are the lists of 10 available companies that offer cool and well-respected apprenticeships, so in case you are In search of one, do well to read on.

List of 10 Companies that offer Apprenticeship Programs

The following section contains information on some of the most promising prospects. So, check them out!

1. Apollo Home

Apprenticeship offered: “Apollo Home is hiring for entry-level plumbers,” according to Apollo. We will provide on-the-job training and assist you in gaining your license.

The Apollo Home apprenticeship lets you graduate with a career… not with debt. We offer you the opportunity to earn while you learn.

What Employees Say: “Great communication, management cares, company invests in your success, and management has a true open-door policy.”

2. Enterprise Rent-A-Car

Apprenticeship offered: “As a Management Trainee, you’ll begin learning our business from day one while based out of one of our neighborhood branches,” Enterprise Rent-A-Car says.

They will entrust you to serve as both the face of Enterprise to customers and partners and the behind-the-scenes operational expert.

In our structured program, you will master the knowledge and skills you need to run your own branch, cultivate new business and develop your team.

3. Aon

Apprenticeship offered: As a member of the Site Services Team, the Apprentice-Technology role handles maintenance and support of the standard hardware/software technology in use at the firm.

Effective support of our technology is critical to ensuring the productivity of associates as they work to serve our external clients

As one of the Technology Apprentices, you’ll get to play an increasingly influential role.

Employees’ comment: “Aon is literally giving back to the community headquarters in Chicago has started an Apprentice program

For city college students to get a two-year degree while working full-time at Aon and going to school.

4. Buhler, Inc.

Apprenticeship offered: “A Field Service Engineer apprenticeship with Buhler North America offers a unique start to your professional career,” the company says.

The Buhler Apprenticeship Academy offers an apprenticeship for the next generation of Customer Service Engineers.

The apprenticeship is a formalized 3-year dual training program that combines structured on-the-job training and related technical instruction.

Employees’ comment: “The Company is really caring about its employees. The benefits package is also great. I have truly enjoyed my time at Buhler.”

5. Vyral Marketing

Apprenticeship offered: This is a paid, part-time, hourly, entry-level marketing apprenticeship opportunity that guarantees you learn key, real-world internet marketing.

As well as client building skills with a $50,000 full-time income upon successful completion, according to Vyral Marketing.

Employees’ comment: “Everyone here is super productive and always friendly. You will never leave unsatisfied.”

6. Faithful + Gould

Apprenticeship offered: During your 5-year Quantity Surveying apprenticeship, no two days will be the same as you study and work with a variety of teams.

Whilst developing the skills you need to enjoy a brilliant future at Faithful + Gould, the company says.

You’ll study towards a Level 6 qualification, degree apprenticeship through distance learning.

Not only will you learn in the classroom, but you’ll also enjoy being part of the team as you will get involved with all kinds of projects and learn something new every day.

Employees’ comment: “F+G does a good job of finding excellent communicators and motivated employees, they are competitively paid and have lots of opportunity for growth.”

7. University Venture Fund

Apprenticeship offered: The Venture Capital & Private Equity Apprenticeship Program is a full-time program that runs from Monday to Friday, 9 am-5 pm.

In this place, individuals take on the role of a VC/PE investor at Venture University’s investment fund, according to the company.

A part-time program option is available for individuals that can commit to at least three days per week, who may currently be in an undergrad or graduate program, or who have a flexible work schedule.

Employees’ comment: “Great learning experience for those trying to break into VC/PE.”

8. Infinity Specialized Marketing

Apprenticeship offered: “For our Business Apprenticeship we are looking for individuals that are ready and willing to learn about each area of business that we offer to clients,” the company says.

It will excite the ideal individuals to apply the hands-on training we provide daily.

This is a unique opportunity to enter a team setting, work side-by-side with managers, and be developed by an executive partner.

Employees’ comment: “Working for this company is great! There are plenty of opportunities to advance here and the team does nothing but support one another. It is such a positive atmosphere.”

9. Groove Entertainment Technologies

Apprenticeship offered: We train our Field Technicians to install and troubleshoot complex satellite TV distribution systems, security systems, Wi-Fi technology.

As well as, other technology through a company-sponsored training program, according to the company.

The best candidate for this position enjoys working in and outdoors, traveling the United States, and keeping up to date on the newest technology on the market today.

We take pride in our work and are looking for a great Field Technician to join our growing team.

Employees’ comment: Opportunity and Culture. Groove has created an opportunity and culture that allows you to live your full professional potential.

This company has done an excellent job of hiring people they trust and allowing them to create their own destiny.

The only limits are the ones you put on yourself. It’s very refreshing to be part of an organization where protecting everyone’s best interest is a requirement.

I have been with the company for almost 1 year can truthfully say there has not been 1 day where I haven’t been thankful for this place and all of my colleagues.

10. Boyd Gaming

Apprenticeship offered: Belterra Casino Resort offers an American Culinary Federation Certified Apprenticeship Training Program,” Boyd Gaming says.

“Your journey begins at our location, where you will spend three years in a progressive learning environment working alongside a Certified Executive Chef and proven industry leader.”

Employees’ comment: I have been having an amazing experience starting with my interview. I could easily see has been from the top down.

I feel very safe at my workplace; feel super welcomed and respected always. Everyone has been truly genuine and caring to not just the employees, but also the local communities.

Most companies boast of a work-life balance, but my leaders here encourage it.

When starting in a new company, I am used to working long hours into evenings and weekends but have not experienced that yet.

If my work is done for the day, so is my workday and my boss consistently checks in on me to ensure that I am taking breaks and have everything I need to get my work done.

Companies that Offers Degree Apprenticeships

Many programs need minimal coding skills, and individuals with varying degrees of experience and education may be eligible. Below is the list of companies that offers degree apprenticeships.

1. Google

Google’s technology apprenticeship program has facilities all around the world.

Apprenticeships are available in places around the United States, including Atlanta, Chicago, New York, and San Francisco.

However, professional possibilities in disciplines such as data analytics and information technology are available in each location.

Apprentices may enroll in a 12-month or 20-month program, gaining on-the-job digital skills and external training, depending on their position.

Graduates may get a Google certificate besides the prospect of a full-time job.

2. Accenture

Through their apprentice program, Accenture and Aon have produced over 1,000 apprentices in over 35 locations throughout the country.

By 2030, the collaboration hopes to have opened 10,000 more apprenticeships.

Thus, they will train participants in corporate IT and technology through a combination of classroom and on-the-job learning.

Apprentices work as business analysts on an agile scrum team for the duration of the program, which lasts 12 months.

Accenture apprentices get associate degrees in business from a local institution besides their apprenticeship certification.

3. IBM

Application development, system programming, and system administration are just a few of the fields where IBM offers apprentice roles available.

Over 300 hours of remote instruction, including an introduction to computer science, are provided to apprentices.

They offer hands-on training, mentorship, and skill development opportunities to persons without advanced degrees who want to pursue careers in technology.

Apprentices work in project teams with seasoned experts in a variety of industries.

Conversely, Apprentices normally require some knowledge and abilities in the subject, while prior technical expertise and degrees are not essential.



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