Travel and Tourism Courses Available in India 2023/2024 Update

In this article, you will come to know about the excellent travel and tourism courses available in India. Information such as course details, eligibility criteria, and career prospects has also been covered here.

Travel and Tourism Courses Available in India 2023/2024 Update

With the increase in the size of this sector, the tourism industry is also going to need an increased number of qualified travel and tourism professionals.

What is Travel & Tourism?

The travel and tourism industry in India is currently experiencing unprecedented growth. The industry is one of the largest and most profitable industries in India and contributes significantly to the foreign exchange earned.

As per various studies, they expected the industry to create over 45 million jobs in India by 2025. Students have endless career opportunities in this fast-growing industry of travel and tourism.

Candidates looking to pursue their career in the industry can choose to work for travel agencies, government tourism departments, tour operations, immigration and customs services, airlines, hotels, and the list continues.

Candidates can pursue a degree, diploma, or certificate course in travel and tourism at graduation or post-graduation level.

Candidates can also pursue a PhD in their chosen subject of travel and tourism to build their career in the field of research.

India is a well-known tourist destination. Heritage, cultural and medical tourists throng Indian tourist destinations each year.

Travel and Tourism management professionals may manage the accommodation, travel modes, tour program, and overall stay of such tourists in India.

Not only in India, travel and tourism professionals may also perform the above-mentioned tasks abroad, where they may take Indian nationals on tours!

Let us check some course details now. In India, travel and tourism courses are available in these formats-

1. Bachelor’s Degree courses

2. Diploma courses

3. Certificate courses

4. PG Degree courses

5. PG Diploma courses

6. PG Certificate courses

Travel and Tourism Courses in India

Bachelor’s Degree Courses

1. BA in Travel and Tourism Management

2. BA in Hospitality, Travel and Tourism Management

3. Sc. in Travel and Tourism Management

4. BA Tourism Studies

5. Sc. in Hospitality and Travel Management

6. BBA in Travel and Tourism Management

7. BBA in Hospitality and Travel Management

8. BBA in Air Travel Management

9. Bachelor of Tourism Studies

10. Bachelor of Tourism Administration

11. Com. Travel and Tourism Management

12. BA Travel and Tourism

The above courses are Undergraduate level degree programs. They are various versions of BA, BBA and B.Sc. programs. Some generalized courses also exist, which apply to the field of travel and tourism management.

They are- Hotel and Hospitality management courses, Aviation and Hospitality management courses, Culinary Arts courses. After pursuing the generalized courses also, one could find a job in the travel and tourism sector.


Bachelor’s Degree programs are 3 years long (each).


10th and 12th passed in any stream (Science, Commerce or Arts) is the minimum educational qualification required.

PG Courses and Further Studies

After completing any of the above degree programs, one may go for relevant PG courses such as MA, M.Sc., PG Diploma, Master of Tourism Studies, Master of Tourism Administration or MBA in Travel and Tourism management.

For further advanced studies, one may go for PhD programs related to travel and tourism studies.

Diploma Courses

1. Diploma in Travel and Tourism Management

2. Also, Diploma in Hospitality and Travel Management

3. Diploma in Tourism Studies

4. Diploma in Aviation Hospitality and Travel Management

5. Also, Diploma in Tourist Guide

6. Diploma in Tourism and Ticketing

7. Diploma in Airfare and Ticketing


Depending on the institute and the program, the course duration could be anywhere between 1- 2 years. Some institutes are also known to offer foundation Diploma courses lasting for a period of 6 months.


10th and 12th passed in any stream (Science, Commerce or Arts) is the minimum educational qualification required.

Certificate Courses

1. Certificate in Travel and Tourism Management

2. Also, Certificate in Travel Management

3. Certificate in Tour Guide

4. Certificate in Tourism Management


Depending on the institute and the program, the course duration could be anywhere between 6 months to 1 year.


10th / 12th passed (depending on the criteria set by the institute).


Irrespective of the course format, there are a few core subjects when it comes to travel and tourism studies. Let us check out those core subjects to get a better idea about the course structure.

1. Communication Skills

2. Fundamentals of Tourism

3. Accounting

4. Cultural History and Heritage of India

5. Tourism Policy and Law

6. Tourism Marketing

7. Management

8. Travel Agency Training

9. Tour Guiding Skills and Training

10. HR Management

11. Computer Utilization and Application

12. Office Management and Functions

13. Air Ticketing

14. Public Relations

15. Tour Operation.

Career Prospects and Job Opportunities

When it comes to the Government sector, one may find a job at Tourism Boards (State as well as Central), Government Tourist information offices, Government-run Hotels, Airlines, Transportation services, etc.

When it comes to the private sector, one may work for Travel agencies, Tour operators, Travel consultants, Airlines, Airports, Travel and ticketing websites, Visa and travel document service firms, Hotels, Resorts, Tourist information offices, Cruise lines, etc.

If one has entrepreneurship skills and access to decent financial resources, one may start own travel agency, ticketing firm, tour agency, travel consultancy, tourist information service, etc.

Common job profiles available in front of travel and tourism professionals include

1. Travel Agency staff

2. Travel and Tourism Consultant

3. Also, Travel Agent

4. Tour Operator

5. Ticketing staff

6. Air hostess

7. Airline employee / Airport staff

8. Entrepreneur

9. Tour Guide

10. Customer service manager

11. Event manager

12. Tour manager

13. Tourism promoter/marketer


Starting salary depends on many factors. Prominent ones include- profile of the employer, job profile and job location. The average starting salary is between 10-15k Rupees per month.

In the case of a Government job, they will base the salary on Pay Band and scale.

Travel and Tourism: Job Profiles and Top Recruiters

While experience is a significant factor to grow in travel and tourism, there are endless job opportunities that candidates can avail themselves of in both private and public sectors after pursuing a course in the same.

Some of the popular job profiles in travel and tourism are:

Holiday/ Travel Agent

A travel agent evaluates the requirements of tourists and helps them make the best possible travel arrangements. Many hotels and travel groups hire travel agents to sell their tour packages to clients.

Travel Executive

A travel executive manages different aspects of travel, including transportation, flight booking, hotel accommodation, destination information, etc.

Tourism Manager

A tourism manager promotes tourism in his/her region through different advertising strategies and campaigns. The manager also helps tourists from different cultures and traditions.

Travel Officer/ Coordinator

A travel coordinator finds the best prices in hotels, flights, and rental cars; processes employee travel expenses sets up corporate discounts with travel vendors, creates itineraries, etc.

Airlines/ Ground Staff

The ground staff plays a crucial role in areas such as commercial activities, running of airports, airline operations.

The job of ground staff is vast and includes responsibilities such as inspecting, storing, and transporting luggage; and stocking the aircraft with food and beverage items.

Tourist Guide

A tourist guide helps tourists visit different tourist places and provides them information on the cultural, historical, and contemporary heritage of religious and historical sites, museums, and other places of interest.

Transport Officer

A state government or local transport body typically appoints a transport officer to carry out activities like maintenance of the vehicle fleet, overseeing vehicle establishment programs, certifying ground transportation budget, etc.

Lastly, diverse job opportunities are available in front of travel and tourism management professionals. Government, as well as private sector enterprises, recruit them.

Self-employment is another popular career path that professionals may go on!



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