Why Do Students Lose Their Scholarship?

Today, we will take a big dive into why many students lose their scholarship, the factors and root causes.

students lose their scholarship

When applying for scholarships, look for renewable scholarships that provide funding over multiple academic years.Most scholarship providers, however, have criteria that you must meet in order to maintain your award over multiple terms.

It is critical that you understand the terms of your scholarship. You’ll will be able to avoid having your scholarship revoked this way.

What Can Cause You to Lose a Scholarship?

Here are 5 common ways students often lose their scholarships.

1. Not Meeting the Required GPA

The vast majority of scholarships require you to have a minimum GPA in order to apply. This is particularly true for merit scholarships.

A scholarship, for example, may require students to have at least a 3.2 GPA.

This is not only a prerequisite for receiving the scholarship, but also for keeping it. Make sure you understand what GPA you need to maintain the scholarship.

If you are having difficulty in your classes, meet with your teachers and academic adviser to discuss your options.

Failure to meet academic requirements will result in the loss of your scholarship.

Some scholarships may also require you to complete projects, volunteer hours, or attend annual meetings. Make sure to double-check these requirements as well.

2. Switching Your Major

Many scholarships are given to students based on their major. Certain scholarships are available to female students majoring in STEM fields, for example.

While it is acceptable to change your mind, doing so may result in the loss of your scholarship.

However, if you discover that you really dislike your current field, you may want to consider changing. Just be aware that you will need to seek alternative funding.

3. Switching Colleges

Similarly, many scholarships are given to students who attend a specific school. This could be provided by the school or a private organization.

If you decide to transfer, keep in mind that you may have to find another way to pay for your college education.

4. Using the Money for Other Purposes

Scholarship providers will specify how you should spend the scholarship money. Some scholarships can only be used for tuition, whereas others can be used for books and housing.

If the scholarship only allows you to use the money for tuition and you spend it on books or food, your scholarship may be revoked.

If you are unsure how to apply for the scholarship, make sure to ask the scholarship provider what the terms are.

The last thing you want to do is risk losing money that you have worked hard to earn.

5. Being Irresponsible

Any serious wrongdoing you commit will almost certainly be discovered by your scholarship provider.

This includes underage drinking, drug abuse, plagiarism, and other legal issues.

You are awarded a scholarship because the provider believes in your abilities and wishes to invest in you.

If you are caught doing something illegal or immoral, you may lose your scholarship.


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