Best Paying Entry-level jobs

Entry-level jobs are not typically considered to be particularly lucrative. Conventional wisdom dictates that you start at the bottom of the ladder with a lower salary, and, over the years, work your way up into higher positions with higher salaries.

Best Paying Entry-level jobs

And while this is often the case, it doesn’t always have to be. Some particular roles and fields pay very generously right from the get-go, with salaries only increasing.

What does “Entry-Level” mean?

An entry-level job is typically the most junior position in an organization and requires less responsibility and experience than mid-level or management positions.

Entry-level employees may also receive more training than those in senior roles, and these positions are typically the starting point for professionals hoping to launch a career in a specific industry.

High-Paying Entry-Level Jobs

While the best job for you depends on your skills, interests, goals, core values, and education, you might consider these 15 high-pay, entry-level jobs as you begin your job search:

1. Public Relations Assistant

National Average Salary: $46,089 per year

Primary Duties: A PR assistant is responsible for helping PR teams with conducting research, preparing materials, and facilitating communication between account executives and clients.

They may also help develop presentations and handle correspondence between clients and more senior-level employees.

2. Marketing Associate

National Average Salary: $45,664 per year

Primary Duties: A marketing specialist helps brainstorm, develop, launch, and measure inbound and outbound marketing efforts to help businesses reach customers and prospects. They may also conduct market research to identify trends in consumer habits.

3. Paralegal

National Average Salary: $50,706 per year

Primary Duties: A paralegal works for a law office and performs administrative and research tasks for attorneys. They’re responsible for case research, and client interviews, and help prepare courtroom presentations.

Therefore, they may also draft and file legal documents, and help attorneys during hearings or trials.

4. Social Media Manager

National Average Salary: $49,668 per year

Primary Duties: A social media manager plans, develops, and deploys social media campaigns on behalf of a company, and monitors and analyzes social media performance.

They may also be responsible for responding to questions and concerns from followers and customers, and make sure all social media posts adhere to the brand’s guidelines.

5. Copywriter

National Average Salary: $27.78 per hour

Primary Duties: Copywriters work for advertising and marketing agencies or directly for a business. They’re responsible for applying marketing principles to compose compelling copy that accompanies visual elements in ads, videos, and other types of marketing content.

6. Database Analyst

National Average Salary: $64,683 per year

Primary Duties: A database engineer manages the design, development, delivery, and all other aspects of database systems. They’re usually employed by technology companies who specialize in computer systems.

7. Human Resources Specialist

National Average Salary: $55,208 per year

Primary Duties: An HR specialist works as part of a human resources team and is responsible for explaining policies and procedures to employees, issuing and processing new hire documents, and updating employment records when employees are hired, transferred, promoted, or terminated.

8. Sales Representative

National Average Salary: $66,855 per year

Primary Duties: A sales representative is responsible for selling products and services to prospects and existing customers through tactics such as cold calling, email, and on-site appointments.

They may perform product demos, answer questions and concerns, and assist customers throughout the purchase process.

9. Financial Analyst

National Average Salary: $67,521 per year

Primary Duties: A financial analyst collects data and creates models to support an organization’s financial decisions. They’re also responsible for identifying trends, assisting in quarterly or annual forecasting, and offering financial advice to senior management.

10. IT Technician

National Average Salary: $75,358 per year

Primary Duties: An IT tech diagnose computer and network problems, monitor computer systems, install and upgrade software and hardware, and perform tests on computers and other equipment. They may also handle maintenance requests and technology demos for employees or clients.

11. Registered Nurse

National Average Salary: $33.63 per hour

Primary Duties: A RN is responsible for recording patients’ symptoms and medical history, checking patients’ vitals, performing diagnostic tests, analyzing results, administering medication, and assisting with post-procedure rehabilitation.

12. Dental Hygienist

National Average Salary: $37.32 per hour

Primary Duties: A dental hygienist works at a dental office and is responsible for cleaning patients’ teeth, taking X-rays, examining patients for cavities and other dental issues or diseases, and providing advice on dental care.

They may also sterilize instruments and assist dentists during procedures. “Highest Paying Entry Level Jobs”

13. Web Developer

National Average Salary: $76,480 per year

Primary Duties: A web developer usually works for an agency or directly for a client, and designs and codes websites based on design wireframes, templates, or client instruction.

They apply web design principles to create user-friendly and visually appealing website experiences. “Highest Paying Entry Level Jobs”

14. User Experience Designer

National Average Salary: $92,633 per year

Primary Duties: A UX designer conducts user testing, interviews, and surveys to determine how people use various software solutions, and then translate this information into sitemaps, wireframes, and product prototypes. They also design the overall look and feel of websites and software applications.

15. Environmental Engineer

National Average Salary: $80,895 per year

Primary Duties: Environmental engineers work on behalf of government agencies or private companies and are tasked with helping develop solutions for various environmental issues such as recycling and waste management, pollution control, water management, and air pollution control.

FQAs Highest Paying Entry Level Jobs

Check out the FAQ about the highest paying, go through the questions below.

1. What is the highest paying entry-level jobs?

Top Highest Paying Entry-Level Jobs

Data Scientist. If you’re looking for one of the highest-paying entry-level jobs around, data scientist is a biggie. …

1. Software Developer. …

2. Product Designer. …

3. Financial Analyst. …

4. Paralegal. …

5. UX Designer. …

6. Marketing Specialist. …

7. Human Resources Specialist.

2. What is the highest paying oilfield job?

Top Paying Oil & Gas Jobs

1. Mechanical Engineer $127,828. …

2. Geophysicist $128,965. …

3. Drilling Engineer $129,944. …

4. Reservoir Engineer $137,156. …

5. Construction Manager $145,000. …

6. Drilling Supervisor $148,476. …

7. Project Manager $157,795. …

3. Which job has the highest salary in Nigeria?

The number one highest-paying position in Nigeria is that of a heart transplant surgeon. As a heart transplant surgeon.

Also, you can earn an average of 1,510,000 NGN per month, putting you firmly in the top quarter of earners in the country.

4. What jobs are paying the most in 2022?

Get Matched!

Anesthesiologist. #1 in Best-Paying Jobs. …

Surgeon. #2 in Best-Paying Jobs. …

Obstetrician and Gynecologist. #3 in Best-Paying Jobs. …

Orthodontist. #4 in Best-Paying Jobs. …

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon. #5 in Best-Paying Jobs. …

Physician. #6 in Best-Paying Jobs. …

Psychiatrist. #7 in Best-Paying Jobs. …


5. What easy jobs make 100K a year?

Jobs that Pay 100K With 1 Year of Training

1. Commercial Pilots. …

2. Web Developers and Digital Interface Designers. …

3. Computer Programmer. …

4. Animator or Multimedia Artist. …

5. Detective or Criminal Investigator. …

6. Writer or Editor. …

7. Sound Engineering Technician. …

8. Sales Representative.

6. What is a fun high paying job?

Jobs that pay between $60,000 and $90,000 and evoke minimal stress include dietician, audiologist, technical writer.

Also, hydrologist and geographer. With competitive salaries above $100,000, enjoyable careers include mathematician, astronomer, orthodontist, physicist and political scientist.

7. How much are Nigerian nurses paid?

On average, entry-level nurses earn N50, 000 – N80, 000 in private hospitals in Nigeria while their counterpart in government hospitals earn about N70, 000 – N120, 000.

Therefore, it should be noted that nurses in federal hospitals earn more than those in state hospitals. The salary structure is dependent on many factors.

8. What is a low stress job that pays well?

A biomedical engineering career offers both professional and personal benefits. In fact, U.S. News & World Report classified it as a lower-stress job.

Biomedical engineers analyze and design equipment, devices and computers used in the healthcare field.

9. Which career is the happiest?

Construction workers are the #1 happiest job for a reason they do what humans are built for! Therefore, they plan, move and use their bodies, and get to see their creative works come to life.

Not all construction jobs are easy to jump into, however.


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