Learnerships 2023/2024 in SA [Durban & Gauteng]

Learnerships 2023/2024 in SA

Discover the array of exciting Learnerships 2023/2024 in SA, with a particular focus on the dynamic regions of Durban and Gauteng.

These are the list of companies offering the latest Learnerships 2023 in South Africa. This list contains more 80 SA Learnerships updated from time to time.

A learnership is a work based learning programme that leads to an NQF registered qualification. Learnerships are directly related to an occupation or field of work, for example, electrical engineering, hairdressing or project management. Learnerships are managed by Sector Education and Training Authorities (SETAs). They were introduced by government to help skill learners and to prepare them for the workplace.Learnership programmes can help you to gain the necessary skills and workplace experience that will open up better employment or self-employment opportunities.

Learnerships are based on legally binding agreement between an employer, a learner and a Training Provider. This agreement is intended to spell out the tasks and duties of the employer, the learner and the Training Provider. It is designed to ensure the quality of the training and to protect the interests of each party.A learnership requires that a learner enter into a fixed term employment contract with the company whilst studying towards a qualification registered on the National Qualifications Framework (NQF), which is in line with the learnership (the cost of the qualification falls to the Company). Once the qualification is completed, the learnership will also end.

Why are learnerships important?

Learnerships promote access to education and training, as they allow you to work and get started on your career while also studying for an educational qualification. SETAs oversee learnerships and ensure that they offer qualifications related to a specific occupation or sector of the economy. All 21 SETAs have developed NQF-aligned programmes that will help you gain recognised qualifications while getting on-the-job experience.SETAs manage the registration of learnerships in order to meet the skills development needs across the sectors.

How do learnerships work?

There is a specified minimum learner allowance that must be paid to unemployed learners in a learnership. This is not a salary but covers expenses like travel and meals. Again, you should contact the relevant SETA for more information.

Note: The amount paid as a learner allowance depends on the SETA, type of learnership and the level of qualification. The allowances and conditions are agreed to with each learner before the commencement of the learnership.

How long does it ta ke to complete a learnership?

Learnerships will last as long as it takes to complete the qualification. This means that if the duration of the qualification is two years, then the learnership will last for that period of time.

What does a learner receive on completion?

During the learnership, learners will be required to complete assignments, tasks and practical tests and projects. They will be formally assessed in the classroom and workplace.

If all these assignments are completed successfully, they will be awarded an NQF-registered qualification, that is recognised nationally. They will receive a certificate stating the qualification and the area of skill development.

What is required to enter into a learnership?

If you are accepted you will need to sign two legal documents:

1. Learnership Agreement: this is an agreement signed by you, the organisation employing you, and the education and provider offering the theoretical training component of the learnership. This agreement clearly outlines the rights and responsibilities of all three parties.

2. Employment contract: this is a contract you will sign with the employ er, which is only valid for the time period of the learnership.

Will I get a job after completing the learnership?

Employment is not guaranteed, but once you have successfully completed your learnership, you will be in a much better position to market yourself as you will now have both work experience and theoretical training. You may also be in a better position to start your own business and generate an income that way.

Can a learnership be terminated?

Yes, a learnership can be terminated under certain circumstances:

An employer can terminate the contract of a learnership if:

  • The duration specified in the learnership agreement has expired;
  • The employer and learner have agreed in writing to terminate the learnership agreement, or if there is no such agreement, the SETA t hat registered the agreement approves the termination; or
  • The learner is fairly dismissed for a reason related to the learners conduct or capacity as an employee.

For more information, contact the SETA that manages the learnerships in the field in which you are interested.

Who is eligible for a learnership?

Learnerships are available for young people who have completed school, college or learning at other training institutions. You must be older than 16 and younger than 35 to be eligible for a learnership. Unemployed South Africans can only participate in a learnership if there is an employer prepared to provide the required work experience.

How to participate in a learnership?

By now you have already put some thought into your career path, and as a result you will be able to identify a learnership that will support your career goals.Your career path should be in fluenced by your interests, skills and strengths. The responsibility rests with you to investigate and research the different learnership options. You should find out as much as you can, including information on the criteria and requirements for entering a learnership.

What are the entry requirements?

Different learnerships have different entry requirements. We recommend that you contact the provider of the learnership for full details on the specific requirements for the learnership of your choice. For many learnerships, the minimum entry requirement is a National Senior Certificate or National Certificate: Vocational, but there may be more specific subject requirements or even skills requirements such as computer literacy.

What are the benefits for learners?

  • You may have better employment opportunities after completing a learnership;
  • You have a fixed-term employment contract for the duration of the learnership;
  • Learnerships improve on the job performance so you are able to do things relevant to the job;
  • You obtain a nationally-recognised qualification that is relevant to the sector; and
  • You earn a learner allowance for the duration of the learnership.

How much does a learnership cost?

Learnerships are generally funded by a relevant SETA. Since the cost of learnerships varies across SETAs and types/levels of qualifications, you should contact the relevant SETA for more information.

Learnerships in SA (A)

ABSA Learnerships

ABSA offers learnships to people who want to work in the Banking branch. ABSA learnerships are 12-18 months and many learnerships are available. Example learnerships are: Bank Teller, Accountant, Loans officer and much more.

Aurecon Learnerships

The Aurecon learnership program is aimed at engineering. If you are looking for a Civil, Mechanical or Electrical engineering learnership then taking a closer look at this learnership.

Anglo American Learnerships Programme

Anglo American is one of the largest mining companies in the world and they are offering mining learnerships to Electricians, Boilermakers, Fitting and tuning, Diesel Mechanics and Instrument Mechanics. Interested? read the whole article to see if you qualify.

Amathuba Learnerships

The Amathuba learnership program is offered by Old Mutual and is offered only to Black candidates who are disabled. The learnership is aimed at Wealth Management

Avusa Learnerships Programme

Avusa learnerships are part of the Government national skills development project. They offer learnerships for call centers and for Journalism.

ArcelorMittal Learnerships

ArcelorMittal is a large steel company and offers learnerships, graduate and apprentice programs to people with disadvantaged backgrounds.

Learnerships in SA (B)

BANKSETA Learnerships Programme

BANKSETA skills program offers a 12-month training in a Bank. They work together with many banks and around 70/80% of the people end up with employment after their learnership.

Barloworld Learnerships

Barloworld is a large Tech company and offers learnerships for many positions like Computer Science, Marketing, Mine Surveying and much more.

BHP Billiton Learnerships

BHP Billiton is a company aimed at mining and metal fabrication. They offer learnerships for many positions like Engineering, Mining, HR, Geology and much more.

BMW Learnerships Programme

BMW is part of the National Skills & Development program. They offer learnerships for Mechatronics, Engineering, Atomtronics and Logistics.

Bytes Learnerships Programme

Bytes is a federation of leading ICT companies. Each year they offer a variety of learnerships in ICT. Bytes is also part of the National Skills Development program.

Learnerships in SA (C)

CETA Learnerships

CETA (Construction Education and Training Authority) offers Learnerships for the construction industry. They work together with many companies and deliver hands-on training and provide a high-quality learnership program.

Coca Cola Learnerships

Everybody likes Coca Cola. If you are interested in working in the food industry than the coca cola learnerships program might be something for you. They offer practical and theoretical training.?You can apply if you are between 18 and 29 years old. Read the full requirements in our article.

Coega Learnerships

Coega Learnerships are especially directed to people living in the Coega IDZ area, Eastern Cape and Nelson Mandela Bay Metro area. They offer Learnerships, apprenticeships, and Internships directed at construction and technical related skills.

Correctional Services Learnership Programme

Correctional services learnerships are part of the National Skill Development program and they intend to fight unemployment. DCS are suited for those who have?Further Education and Training (FET) Certificate in the Corrections Services Learnership (NQF Level 4).

Learnerships in SA (D)

DHL Learnerships

DHL is one of the biggest freight service provider in the world. They offer learnerships in Domestic Logistics, Marketing, Project control and more.

Discovery Learnerships Programme

Discovery offers Health plans for medical aid. They have contact center learnerships and learnerships for Medical claim assessment & Wealth Management.

Learnerships in SA (E)

Edcon Learnerships

Edcon is a big non-food merchant and they deliver to over 1400 stores. Planner and Buyer learnerships are a few examples of the programs they have to offer.

Engen Learnerships

Engen is a crude oil company and they produce petroleum. They have learnerships to offer in Computer Science, Chemical Engineering, Fitter, Electrician just to mention a few.

Ekurhuleni Metro Police Learnerships

Metro Police offers many Learnerhips and training to become an addition to the South African Police Force. Successful candidates receive a monthly stipend. They offer learnerships for various positions like Construction, Auxiliary Work, Accounting, Health Care worker and many more.

Eskom Learnership Programme

Eskom offers School leavers and Unemployed individuals Learnership opportunities. They offer more than 2000 Learnerships every year and are also part of the National Skills Development Program

Ernst And Young Learnerships

Ernst & Young specializes in Tax services, advisory services, assurance services and transaction services. They offer a variety of learnerships for Finance, Audits, PR, Economics and more.

Exxaro Learnerships

Exxaro was previously known as Kumba Resources. They specialize in coal mining and heavy minerals. They offer learnerships for Mining, HR, Environmental and several Management learnerships. Read our article to see the full requirements for these learnerships.

Learnerships in SA (F)

FNB First National Bank Learnerships

FNB offers learnerships in the Banking sector. They offer learnerships for many positions and some examples are: IT, Testing, Business Analyst, ATM Technician. Check our article for the full list and the requirements.

Learnerships in SA (G)

Gijima Learnerships

Glencore Xstrata Learnerships

Glencore is a global mining company and they offer learnerships with a great future. Their Learnerships are related to Finance, Administration, Engineering, Research and more.

Gold Fields Learnerships

Gold Fields is one of the biggest gold mining companies in the world. They offer exceptional opportunities for talented individuals. They offer numerous learnerships like Engineering, Metallurgy, Mining, Geology, Boilermaking and much more.

Harmony Gold Learnerships

Harmony Gold is a gold-extracting mining company. They are looking for young individuals who will fit in their rainbow culture. They offer an exceptional learnership program?in numerous fields. Some of these fields are: Electricia, Mining, Welder, Mechanic, Mining and Engineering. Read the article for a full list.

IBM Learnerships

Implats Impala Platinum Learnerships

INSETA Learnership Programme

INSETA (Insurance Sector Education and Training Authority) offers every year numerous learnerships opportunities via various companies in the Insurance sector. They are part of the National Skills Development program. They offer learnerships for various positions like Funeral Insurance, Life Insurance, Reinsurance, Unit Trusts and much more.

Kelly Learnerships

KPMG Learnerships

KPMG is a world leading company that specializes in?advisory services, auditing, risks management, investments and all tax-related fields. Each year they are looking for talented individuals which they can offer learnerships in various positions like Accounting, IT advisor, Technology Advisor, Tax Consultant and many more.

Kuyasa Learnership Programme

The Kuyasa learnerships is part of the BANKSETA program and offers learnerships in the Banking sector. Each year they offer a 1-year banking and microfinancing learnership. Although there is no guarantee, about 75-85% will reach employment after this Learnership.

Lancet Learnerships

Letsema Learnership Programme

Letsema is also a part of the BANKSETA program and they offer annual 1-year learnerships. Minimal requirement is Grade 12. They offer a microfinance and banking learnership.

Liberty Learnerships

Liberty is a large Finance Insurance company. They offer a variety of Learnerships inside the Finance sector. Some of these are: HR, Distribution, Operations, Financial Advisor, Corporate Benefits and many more.

Lonmin Learnerships

Lonmin is a mining company and part of the British Platinum mining group. Each year they offer learnership opportunities to several communities in South Africa. They have learnerships in Engineering, Metallurgy, Financing, Welding, Boilermaking and many more.

Merseta Learnerships

Merseta is part of the Skills Development Act which was established to promote skills and fight unemployment and poverty. They offer learnerships in Engineering,?Manufacturing and all associated service areas. These learnerships will be between 12 and 24 months.

Momentum Learnerships

Medi Clinic Learnerships

Medi Clinic offers learnerships in the medical field. They offer learnerships to become an enrolled nurse and to become an operating department assistant.

Microsoft Learnerships

Mintek Learnerships

Mintek is a mining company specialised in mineral extraction. They offer learnerships to skilled workers in several technical fields like Mining, Engineering, Physics, Mathematics and more.

MQA Learnership Programme

MQA (Mining Qualifications Authority) offers every year several learnerships to some communities in South Africa. MQA is part of the National Skills Development program who fights unemployment and poverty.

Murray & Roberts Learnerships

Murray & Roberts is a construction, engineering and mining contractor located in Johannesburg. They offer learnerships aimed at Engineering and Mining.

Multichoice Learnerships

MTN Learnerships

NAMPAK Learnerships

National Treasury Learnerships

The National Treasury is responsible for the management of the financing of the South African Government. Each year they offer a few learnerships for Accounting, Finance, Economics and a few more.

Nedbank Learnership Programme

Nedbank is one of the largest Banks in South Africa. Each year they offer about 200 Learnerships to South Africans who are interested in the Banking Sector and fulfill their requirements.

Netcare Learnerships

Netcare is one of the largest private medical care companies in South Africa. They offer several Learnerships in the medical field like Basic Nursing, Specialised Nursing, Pharmacy, Administration and a few more.

NYDA National Youth Development Agency Learnerships

Petra Diamonds Learnerships

Petra Diamonds is a large Diamond mining company in South Africa. They offer learnership programs to talented individuals who are interested in Geology, Mining, Engineering, Diamond Processing, Welding and many more.

Protea Chemicals Learnerships

Protea is part of Omnia’s Chemical Department. They are a respected distributor of chemicals and competes in almost every sector of the chemical distribution market. They offer learnerships for Chemical and Electrical Engineering.

Rand Water Learnerships

Rand Water is an African Water Utility that provides potable water mainly to the Gauteng area but also to other areas in South Africa. They are the largest water utility company in Africa. They offer several learnerships for Plumbing, Fitter, Sanitation, Water Care, Microbiology and a few more.

SABC Learnerships

SABC is South Africa’s leading broadcast media company. If you want to become a Radio Broadcaster of a Journalist than you might be interested in the Learnerships they have to offer. Read on to see if you can apply.

Samancor Learnerships

Sandvik Learnerships

SAB Miller Learnerships

Standard Bank Learnerships

Standard Bank is one of South Africa’s largest financial companies. They offer several learnerships all aimed at the banking sector. If you want to be an accountant or a bank teller or maybe a debt counselor then take a closer look at the learnerships they have to offer.

Sasol Learnerships Programme

SASOL is a Chemical and Energy company. Each year SASOL offers numerous learnerships to skilled individuals in various sectors like Tuning, Welding, Fitting, Boilermaking and a few more. Keep on reading if you are interested in this learnership.

SASSETA Learnerships

SASSETA gives training in South Africa for the security and safety industry. They also have learnerships in a variety of sectors like Legal, Defence, Investigation, Private Security and much more. Read on to see how you can apply.

SETA Learnerships

SETA is the “Sector Education and Training Authority”. SETA is part of the national skills development program and they help develop skills by offering learnerships in a variety of sectors. Some of these learnerships are: Marketing and Sales, Funeral directing, Administration, Call Center operator/management, Beauty technology and more.

Siemens Learnerships

Siemens is a market leader technology company. They assist in developing skills by offering learnerships for Electrical engineering but also many other learnerships like: HR, IT, Communication, Finance, Logistics, etc.

South African Police Service (SAPS) Learnerships

Each province in South Africa offers learnerships to become an addition to SAPS. These SAPS learnerships have a duration of 24 months and applicants have to be between 18-35.

Spoornet Learnerships

Spoornet has changed its name into Transnet Freight Rail. Transnet is a state-owned company and takes a large part of the Harbour and Train freight industry. They offer learnerships in many sectors like: Logistics, Finance, Safety, IT, Sales, Marketing and more.

Telkom Learnership Programme

Telkom is South Africa’s largest communications company and mobile provider. They provide learnerships that are aimed at different aspects of the communication industry. Read on to see if these learnerships are something for you.

Toyota Learnership Programme

Toyota is a large care distribution company and they are known to offer learnerships each year. They offer an insurance and a mechatronics learnership.

Transnet Learnership Programme

Transnet is the largest state owned Logistics company in South Africa. Each year they offer learnerships to South Africans to give talented youth a chance to develop their skills.

UTI Learnership Programme

UTI is an International Company that offers supply chain services to sea and flight freight?forwarding. The UTI learnerships are aimed at learning every aspect in this industry. They have learnerships for freight forwarding, freight handling, IT, Bookkeeping and a few more. Read on if you are interested.

Unilever Learnerships

Unilever is a multination consumer goods company.They offer variable learnerships to the youth of South Africa. Some of these are learnerships in Finance, Research, Human Resources, Marketing and a few more sectors.

Vodacom Learnership Programme

Vodacom is one of the largest cell phone companies in South Africa and is part of Vodafone. We are proud to be part of their Zero-Rated project. They also offer Learnerships so take a look what they have to offer.

WBHO Learnerships

WBHO is South Africa’s leading infrastructure provider. They offer several engineering and construction management learnerships.

Woolworths Learnerships

Woolworths is a chain of retail stores in South Africa but also has stores outside of SA. They offer learnerships in several sectors like: IT, Sales, Planner, Buyer, Warehouse personnel and much more.

Government Learnerships

Listed below are different sectors of the Government in South Africa who are offering learnerships. These government learnerships are very popular among the SA public. We are working on extending the list as there are many departments offering Learnerships.

  • Department of Basic Education Learnerships
  • Department of Health Polokwane Learnerships
  • Department of Higher Education Learnerships
  • Department of Arts & Culture Learnerships
  • Department of Home Affairs Learnerships
  • Department of Agriculture, Forestry & Fisheries Learnerships
  • Department of Defense Learnerships
  • Department of Agriculture, Forestry & Fishery Learnerships
  • Department of Communications Learnerships
  • Department of Labour Learnerships
  • Department of Correctional Services Learnerships
  • Department of Traditional Affairs Learnerships
  • Department of Environmental Affairs Learnerships
  • Department of Environmental Affairs Learnerships
  • Department of Economic Development Learnerships
  • Department of Energy Learnerships
  • Department of Labor Learnerships
  • Department of Education Learnerships
  • Department of Home Affairs Learnerships
  • Department of Justice and Constitutional Development Learnerships
  • Department of Home Settlements Learnerships
  •  Department of Health North West Learnerships
  • Department of International Relations and Cooperation Learnerships
  • Department of Health Kwa Zulu Natal Learnerships
  • Department of Health Polokwane Learnerships
  • Department of Health North West Learnerships
  • Department of Independent Police and Investigative Directorate Learnerships
  • Department of Government Communications and Information System Learnerships
  • Department of National Treasury Learnerships
  • Department of Health Kwa Zulu Natal Learnerships
  • Department of Mineral Resources Learnerships
  • Department of Public Works Learnerships
  • Department of Public Service and Administration Learnerships
  • Department of Public Enterprises Learnerships
  • Department of SA Police Services Learnerships
  • Department of Social Development Learnerships
  • Department of Development and Land Reform Learnerships
  • Department of Science and Technology Learnerships
  • Department of Statistics South Africa Learnerships
  • Department of Public Works Learnerships
  • Department of Small Business Development Learnerships
  • Department of Sport and Recreation South Africa Learnerships
  • Department of Revenue Services South Africa Learnerships
  • Department of Transport Learnerships
  • Department of Trade and Industry Learnerships
  • Department of Tourism Learnerships
  • Department of Telecommunications and Postal Services Learnerships
  • Department of Water and Sanitation Learnerships
  • Department of Traditional Affairs Learnerships


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